THERE IT IS: Democrats have special Twitter hotline access to silence YOUR speech, PURGE at will. LAWSUIT!

Center for American Liberty is suing California Secretary of State Alex Padilla for colluding with private companies like Twitter to censor free speech, suppress the vote, and basically rig the election through controlled information and targeted silencing.

You know, to PURGE.

Through that lawsuit, we have learned of this downright purty fact: DEMOCRATS had RAPID access to getting people CRUSHED on Twitter.

The first thing gaslighting libs said in response was oh yeah Republicans and conservatives probably have the same thing! But nope.

The lawsuit itself is pretty good though, you should read up on it.

This stuff matters. It’s not as simple as “private business!” I’m honestly getting real tired of hearing that. Also sick of “I don’t pay attention to Twitter.”

Yeah? Well a lot of voters do. And a lot more who don’t know they do, because Twitter decides what is and is not news and that’s what people see when they turn on the TV or get an alert on the phone.

Think about it. And talk about it. This is an OPEN THREAD after all.

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