These Interviews Of Muslims In Paris Are Mind-Boggling: ISIS Terror Attacks Were ‘Jewish Actions’

Blaming Jews for terror? Check. Saying ISIS is an American Jewish organization? Check.

The interviews were conducted by Ezra Levant of The Rebel Media, and he simply stops Muslim men on the street to ask them questions on the spot. He notes there are no women because .. there were no women to ask. I’m sure you’re surprised.

“It’s Jews, not Muslims.”

MUSLIM MAN :They are political acts.

LEVANT: The attacks are political acts?

MAN: Yes, they are political actions, or Jewish actions, I don’t know, because .. Jews, it’s not Muslims.

LEVANT: Maybe the Jews did this?

MAN: Maybe Jews but Muslims is a no. For me, Muslims don’t do things like that.”

LEVANT: The president of France, Francois Hollande said that France was at war. Against who?

MAN: War against terrorism?

LEVANT: Islamic terrorism or general terrorism.

MAN: General terrorism. Terrorism because terrorism is not Muslim.

Other highlights are saying that ISIS is a “Jewish organization”, an “American organization”, and best of all, citing the liberal talking points we see on TV every day about war for oil and “ISIS isn’t Islamic” as the basis for their belief.

Even those who considered blaming the Jews or the United States as being behind ISIS to be a conspiracy theory still absolutely will not accept the idea that anyone associated with ISIS is Muslim.

The video is long but as noted at Truth Revolt, it’s worth watching the whole thing.

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