‘These People’: Terry McAuliffe just cannot hide is CONTEMPT for parents who OBJECT to grotesque curriculum

Terry McAuliffe, to the obvious agreement and pleasure of Chuck Todd, ran over parents who object to the left-wing regime and Terry’s own dictatorial dreams, sneeringly referring to them as “these people” in an interview on Meet the Press.

Parents who speak out against porn in the classroom are beneath him, causing a “ruckus” on behalf of Youngkin, says McAuliffe stripping them of their agency.

He also attacked Youngkin for criticizing the state in any way at all on any topic, including not just education but the economy or anything.

Great candidate, Democrats. Nice work with this goon.

“They’re using children as political pawns”

I cannot believe a Democrat can say this with a straight face. That’s play number ONE for Democrats/media every time. They were just putting Greta Dumberg on a pedestal YESTERDAY. They trot out high school kids every chance they get, on every topic from guns to abortion to environment to Netflix.

“Our school boards were fine. As soon as Glenn Youngkin got nominated all of a sudden these people started showing up”

Yeah no. Youngkin campaigned long before your fellow Democrats drove parents to horror by hiding rape and promoting porn, Terry.

Chuck Todd’s little “yeah” on the pawns line was just great though wasn’t it? Hope that comforts you when you’re giving your concession speech.

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