“They are woke corporate hypocrites!” – Marco Rubio torches Delta Airlines for denouncing Georgia election law [VIDEO]

Marco Rubio went after Delta Airlines this morning, calling them out for denouncing Georgia’s new election law while staying silent on China’s inhumane treatment of the Uighurs:

Here’s what Rubio said:

Delta Airlines is business partners with the Chinese Communist Party, the same Chinese Communist Party that is committing genocide against Uighur Muslims inside of China. So I look forward to a letter today from their CEO telling everyone that what the Chinese Communist Party is doing with genocide is unacceptable. I look forward to that letter saying that genocide does not reflect that values of Delta Airlines.

Of course they’re not going to send that letter, nor is Coca Cola, nor is any of these other corporations that are out there proving to the world how woke they are. Because they are woke corporate hypocrites – that’s what they are – they are woke corporate hypocrites!

They make billions of dollars in a country that doesn’t even have elections. They make billions of dollars working with a country that has no respect for anyone or anything, and they don’t say a word about it. But in America they are prepared to boycott a state and condemn them publicly to show and prove how woke they are.

They’re hypocrites! Complete and total hypocrites!

Excellent statement by Rubio and I’m glad he said it. I’d elaborate on it, but what more needs to be said? He nailed it.

UPDATE: Tom Cotton proves that Delta is hypocritical in more ways that this:

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