“They DON’T BELONG in Women’s sports!” Lib feminists FED UP with Lia Thomas and TRANS agenda ERASING women

“I don’t care what surgeries they have. I don’t care what they inject into their bloodstream. They don’t belong in women’s sports.” That quote is from this amazing video of liberal feminists who are telling the TRUTH about the woke trans agenda erasing women’s accomplishments and identities.

The women here protested outside the women’s NCAA swimming championships last week because of “Lia” Thomas, the male swimmer who is being crowned champion of a women’s sport due to natural physical advantages of his biological reality.

Reality trumps the “my truth” bs that wokes try to cram down our throats. The truth is that “my truth” is a way of saying “I don’t care about the truth and demand my delusions be indulged.”

These aren’t gun-toting MAGAs or Trucker Convoy participants or Ronald Reagan fans or whatever the heck the Dem-Media-Lib establishment elites say to pretend dissent against their ideas doesn’t exist or is is fringe. These are lib believers who have been betrayed by their own ideology and have HAD ENOUGH.


“I registered Republican in 2020 after two politicians told me they did not want my vote because of my stance on the rights for women and girls.”

More of this please.

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