“They hate Trump more than they hate the Islamo-Nazi regime in Tehran” – Mark Levin rips Joe Biden on existential threats…

Mark Levin opened his show tonight airing remarks from both Trump and Biden today in Iowa and doing what he does best.

It’s not a heavy segment at all, but a rather enjoyable one as the Great One counters Biden’s nonsensical statements about Trump being an existential threat to the United States:

Levin points out the obvious, noting that Biden supported both the regimes in Iran and Cuba, neither of which are apparently an existential threat to the US. But Trump is?

Referring to both Biden and the Left, Levin says “they hate Trump more than they hate the Islamo-Nazi regime in Tehran.”

There’s much more as he rips apart Biden’s other ridiculous comments so listen above.

Since this is the podcast for Levin, you can keep listening. Here’s the description of his entire show:

On Tuesday’s Mark Levin Show, Joe Biden is feeble yet he says he will eviscerate President Trump in his Iowa speech. Trump fired back that the do-nothing Democrats in Congress keep talking about impeachment with no case. Trump said he prefers to run against Biden than the others because Biden is the weakest, mentally, of the 2020 candidates. In his comments, Biden referred to Trump as an existential threat to the United States. Biden has never called out the anti-Semites in his party yet projects their own actions on others, painting Trump as a bigot. Biden says Trump is wrong to call media Fake News and has flip-flopped on so many issues over the last 50 years. Then, Sen Elizabeth Warren keeps moving further and further to the left. She wants to reshape the American economy, but what she will do is destroy the economy. Democrats want to replace republicanism with mobocracy. Later, Trump is now facing blowback from GOP lawmakers over the budget and debt ceiling.

Consider this an open thread.

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