“They messed with the wrong kid!” – Nick Sandmann’s attorney drops new VIDEO about lawsuits against CNN and the Washington Post

Nick Sandmann’s attorney, Lin Wood, has just released a new video about the lawsuits he and Sandmann are filing against CNN and the Washington Post.

In the video Lin Wood makes the case that no one’s reputation is safe until they get justice from these media companies that “recklessly spread lies about a minor to advance their financial and political agendas”.

Here’s the video:

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I began watching it, but found the video to be quite compelling.

We were all there when this happened. Instead of responsibly pursuing the truth, these media organizations spread lies about Sandmann and his fellow students and turned so much of the country against him when they did absolutely nothing wrong.

Even after the truth was revealed, it had little impact as many people already hated these kids. And trying to get the media organizations to admit the truth was like pulling teeth.

I’m not an attorney but it does look like, especially the way Lin Wood is framing this, that he’s got a great case against both CNN and the Washington Post. And I hope he makes them pay through the nose for the damage they’ve done to Sandmann and his reputation. Someone has to hold them accountable.

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101 thoughts on ““They messed with the wrong kid!” – Nick Sandmann’s attorney drops new VIDEO about lawsuits against CNN and the Washington Post

  1. Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t all the kids suffer, and their families? Didn’t employers threaten termination of their parents? Didn’t the school and the diocese condemn the actions of these children before the facts were uncovered?
    News outlets need to report the facts not supposition or wishful thinking due to a political agenda.

  2. What a relief that this kid is suing :whew:
    I was worried that conservative smiles would be forbidden in the future.

  3. I hope CNN and the Washington Post lose big time, and that there are such repercussions that the Liberal Meanstream Media will not do such things in the future to advance their Liberal Lies.

  4. What would happen if one day cnn and wapo were on the conservative side of the aisle? I hope it never happens after he wins the lawsuit against both, he just shuts the doors…..Life is Good

  5. I hope they can account for the $250M. I believe he has a right and a case to sue CNN for damages against his character and reputation. However, if $250M was just thrown out there to just stick it to CNN, then he and his lawyers are just swindling the system to cash in on tragedy. I don’t believe in law suits that “teach a lesson”. All civil law suits should be about specific justice regarding a specific incident with a specific, measurable and defendable monetary compensation.

    Video is good. The case is made well. I am just concerned about the amount. Seems like the kind of amount a leftist would demand when they spill hot coffee on their lap at a fast food place.

    1. The $250m is just the opening “bid” in the bargaining of the attorneys. No way CNN & WP want this to go to court, so they will settle for some sizeable amount. It’s like a Middle Eastern bazaar at this point.

      One thing is sure, though. Sandmann is going to be a very rich young man very soon.

    2. Punitive damages can help prevent the wrongdoers harming someone else in the future. You need to sue for an amount that means something to the perpetrators.

  6. Fantastic video. Lays it out there. No one is safe, and this is a CHILD. Demonstrates what a fine boy Nick is. I am grateful he and his attorneys are fighting for all of us. That’s not a casual claim they are making, it’s true and I do believe his attorneys are motivated by a love of liberty, concern for a persecuted kid, and desire for justice (sure, the money is nice too but you can see it in Lin Wood’s interview. And he’s plenty wealthy already). A decent lawyer loves to fight for what’s right.

    I wonder if there was a notice in there to Maher that he’s next!

  7. It’s more than a great case. It should be open and shut. All of them lied, all the way down to the wannabe Vietnam veteran that claimed the kid wouldn’t let him pass and he felt threatened.

    That said, it’s the media. I don’t know how much leeway a judge gives media outlets that make “mistakes” unintentionally through “no fault of their own” (which I predict will be part of the defense). They’re going to lie some more to defend themselves.

    1. It will be an interesting and educational case to follow. I hope they don’t do something quick and easy like settling out of court for an undisclosed amount.

      I want to see this thing move forward. I want to see what the responsibility of journalists is when it comes to this level of negligence.

      1. Me too, but a few million dollars might be pretty enticing to a kid that has no money. Might be enough for most people if they’re afraid they’ll end up with nothing.

      2. If it were some podunk newspaper there might be more leniency but no on can claim the Post or CNN didn’t understand what they were doing.

    2. What makes you think a judge will really participate at all? His only role will likely be to stamp the voluntary dismissal after the settlement.

        1. What makes you think this is ever going to a jury? Again, settlement. If any one of these companies makes an offer of judgment that’s around what they expect a jury to award, I promise you he’s taking it.

          Because if that jury comes back with even a dollar less, they’re going to eat their fees and costs.

          1. @atomicsentinel What makes you think I believe it will go to a jury? I didn’t say one way or the other. I don’t know what they will decide to do.

  8. Other than the kid getting his due I’d like to see the Town of Covington get some cash too. What happen to the kid and the Town was insane and gross media malpractice.

    1. What’s worse is that they do this all the time. Not this scenario, but lying about things people say and everything else. They deserve to be forced to pay out the entire amount of the lawsuit because this is how they operate. It wasn’t a one time thing.

    2. 1. The school isn’t located in Covington.
      2. The Covington mayor threw the kids under the bus because he felt they were giving a city a black eye when the school isn’t even located there.
      3. Covington is a cesspool and deserves nothing but penicillin.

  9. I really would like to see these cases litigated in Kentucky in public view, so the world can see the corruption in today’s US media. Chances are very likely that a Kentucky jury will award full damages. These media organizations were out to destroy this boy’s life before it even got started, so I believe the penalty should be just as harsh for the Washington Post and CNN!

  10. They Messed With the Wrong Kid!

    Wait, what? The kid just stood there looking ridiculous.

    This smacks more of, “They messed with the wrong lawyers.” Which, also doesn’t really make a lot of sense because they weren’t even involved until after the fact when the dollar signs replaced their irises. CNN didn’t really mess with them at all.

    I guess it’s just supposed to be a catchy soundbyte that makes no sense but people don’t think very hard about. Lot of that these days.

    1. That said, I think the lawsuits are great. Just… try not to get too excited about them. The kid (and lawyer) will get a payday, but for all y’all talking about judgments and juries and long-term consequences for all these corrupt institutions. Well, that’s wishful thinking.

      There will be settlements. And those settlements may sting, but they’re not going to bring down the diseased temples.

    2. He’s talking about the media outlets that smeared the kid and caused him to get death threats. They did mess with the wrong kid. He got the lawyer didn’t he?

      1. Yes, but “messed with the wrong kid” implies that the kid is trouble who shouldn’t be messed with. He clearly wasn’t. He was just a smiling goof.

        Maybe the lawyers are trouble who shouldn’t be messed with, but nobody messed with them.

        The whole thing just makes no sense at all.

        Probably good for fomenting the passions of the angry mob though.

      2. @kong1967 The great thing about beating your head on the wall is that it feels so good when you stop.

    3. They picked the wrong kid because they picked a kid of sterling character, and one who will stand up to them and fight. Who will fight even the most powerful in our society. Many would just try to keep their head low and hope the public will forget about them. And we saw how their church bureaucracy initially betrayed them simply out of bias and fear. That could demoralize someone made of less stern stuff. By fighting this publicly, Nick and his family are taking a risk. I pray for their safety and future.

      The Left also picked on the wrong guy with Kavanaugh. They had a reasonable expectation that he would slink away based on his mild-mannered nature and the past behavior of so many Republicans in the face of an onslaught. Fortunately they were wrong there too.

    4. The MEDIA messed with the wrong kid…..

      And he wasn’t “looking ridiculous,” he was being intimidated by an idiot banging a drum and getting in his face. The fact he didn’t haul back and sock that creep, showed great restraint, IMO.

  11. Now he can smirk. Terrible injustice and bullying of this kid. Home he makes them pay big in more ways than one.

    1. No one wants to hear that there won’t be a biased media beat-down. They could handle it like the Gosnell movie and simply not report on it. Or they could be the biased media they always are. But as much as you guys are cheering, it’s not as though you’ll likely get much of a catharsis out of this. You’ll hear about it on Fox. On the liberal MSM, they’ll either ignore it or spin it until you want to pull your hair out.

      Let’s see who’s right — the person who gets all the thumbs down (me) or the popular member with the star and the thumbs up (you).

  12. Wow! That video takes money! I’m impressed.

    So, to sum up, yes, it’s obvious that he wasn’t racist; that cult wasn’t just preaching the Gospel of Christ (although a lot of mainstream churches don’t seem to know their Bible’s either); the vast majority of those kids parted like the Red Sea for that old man, showing respect and — as you could see from their faces — more than a little bewilderment; Sandmann refused to move as all his fellow students did, but there was more than enough room for him or the old man to step aside and go around the other, so there was no danger to the old man. That, of course, also means that the old man didn’t stand in that poor, poor 16 year old tyke’s face and viciously bang a drum, either. The sweet, angelic tyke could have stepped aside. But as he said, as he was so poorly advised to go on a liberal morning news show, “I had the right to stand there.”

    Yes, he did. And in modern society, who is surprised that the poor 16 year old kid who had the right to stand there is suing for multi-millions of dollars? First you get your media exposure. If your parents have the megabucks, you even get a professionally done video that can circulate in social media. And then you have your day in court, and hopefully a big payday. And all conservatives live happily ever after. Except it won’t work that way.

    The liberal media lawyers won’t just roll over and play dead because they don’t want to smear this angelic tyke any more than they already have. They’ll only do more of the same. Who can’t see that?

    Who’s advising this poor kid? The only smart adult in this was the woman who called it all off and told the boys to get back into the bus to leave. The rest of the people — the PR people, the lawyers, and even his parents — are all looking to cash in. The kid did a stupid thing and probably wasn’t thinking beyond his nose — “I’m going to go viral!” But these adults have to know that boy they’re supposedly championing is going to take it in the teeth — hard — before this is done. If the media can do it, they’ll ruin his life, guaranteed. The only people who’ll really win are the lawyers and the PR people — their fees are assured. This is a horrible trainwreck waiting to happen, and the neo-conservatives are cheering like mad. And this poor, ill-advised 16-year-old is going to get torn up in the process. It’s sad.

    1. What? I take it you are pulling for the Washington Post and CNN to win this case. The kids were waiting in this designated space for the bus, when this incident occurred. Why should the boy move from the designated bus stop? Phillips was the aggressor not the kid. The kids were called to the bus when it arrived.

      The kid did one interview to give his side after the media destroyed him in the public square and after he and his family and school received death threats….one interview does not make someone a public figure. So the media attacked with LIES a nonpublic figure who is a minor……I think that is an open and shut case and I am glad his parents are aggressively going after the media.

      1. Not pulling for the Washington Post or CNN. My bet is that the kid’s lawyers are hoping this doesn’t go to trial and they get a hefty settlement. Which means WaPo and CNN loses.

        Everyone who makes the arguments for that kid always forget that the majority of his classmates stepped aside respectfully and let the old man pass. They were waiting for the bus, too. Why do you suppose they stepped aside, but Sandmann didn’t, and when asked on that morning show he ill-advisedly went on whether standing in the old man’s way might be construed as aggression, his response was, “I had every right to stand there!” Not, “I was just waiting for my bus!” Not, as someone else suggested, “I thought he was banging that drum in my face in support of us, and that he wanted a conversation!” Not, as someone suggested to me on a previous occasion, “They taught me in Catholic school that standing in an old man’s way when he was trying to walk was a sign of respect!”

        And even if he’d made all those arguments, or even one of them, that still didn’t explain why all the other boys parted like the Red Sea and let him pass.

        And let me tell you, if my family was receiving death threats because of my son’s sudden celebrity, the last thing I’d do is put him on a national, liberal morning show to predictably be torn apart by a professional liberal spinmeister. I also wouldn’t have a PR team make a video for even more exposure, nor would I sue for hundreds of millions of dollars — unless I was truly clueless, or wanted a big payday, hoping it never went to trial.

        1. You obviously know nothing of the case or what happened. Sandmann made no effort to block the Native American agitator. He was approached by the guy directly. The NA wasn’t trying to go somewhere else. He was trying to get in the face of the boys who were just standing there waiting for their bus.

          To pretend that this was a case of someone trying to get somewhere and someone refusing to move is tremendously ignorant of what happened.

          1. I will never for the life of me understand why everyone who argues for Sandmann always ignores what all the other boys did before that old man finally, at long last, got to Sandmann — they all parted, stepped aside, got out of his way, gave him room, and every other phrase that means they parted like the Red Sea. The old man had to walk pretty far into that crowd of kids before he got to the one who “stood his ground.” But nah, he didn’t block his way. That was done by the very first kid he approached because he was trying to get in the face of the boys who were just standing there waiting for their bus. Except it didn’t happen that way.

            I don’t know if the rest of the kids were doing it out of respect — that’s my assumption — or if they were all smarter than Sandmann and knew the old man was trying to start something by walking into their group, so they stepped aside to deny him his moment. But for whatever reason they did it, I applaud the 60%-80% of the boys who stepped aside.

            And I think I would have been hilarious if the fellow I call Chief Stolen Valor had had every single last boy — instead of just most of them — step out of his way. He’d have walked through, banging his drum, pretty much looking like an idiot. It would have just been part of the great pageant of nutters trying to disrupt things and call attention to themselves. Alas, Sandmann, who was a little more than halfway through the old man’s path through the students, was the one who didn’t stand aside as the others had, and thereby gave the old man his moment.

            Note that my saying he would have been just part of the great pageant of nutters means I think he was putting on a show. This isn’t me changing my narrative, either. It’s what I’ve been saying right along. Reading comprehension is your friend.

    2. Is that satire? You have pretty much everything backwards, including that the kid wanted to go viral, he was just waiting for his bus and it was the Native man that walked up to him and began to bang a drum a inch from his face.

      1. Did you see the look of disappointment in his face when the woman called them all to knock it off and come to the bus? He kept standing there for a second or two, like, “This is it? It’s over???”

        And please, Rutgers, if an old man walks up to you and bangs a drum an inch from your face, are you going to keep standing there, or are you going to step aside like the rest of his classmates did? My vote would be to step aside, let the man bang his drum pointlessly, and get on my bus — that is, if getting on the bus was what I really wanted to do. Besides, I just got told by someone else that he expected a dialogue with the man banging the drum for — how long was it? — an inch from his face?

        I’m not on the old man’s side, except to say the kids who respectfully got out of his way had it right, and thankfully that was the majority of his classmates. I’m on their side. Everyone else in the farce has excuses like, “I had a right to stand there!” :facepalmg:

        1. Wow, now I know you are deliberately telling falsehoods. Nick headed for the bus immediately when the teacher called.

          1. You mean you didn’t see the “What the?” look on his face, the hesitation, and then the move? (I didn’t say people had to drag him away. I’ve noticed people replace what I’ve actually said with what they want me to have said, then argue against that. :facepalmg: ) Then again, no one who defends Sandmann seems to have seen all those other boys respectfully move out of the old man’s way, either. Or if they did, they just don’t want to contrast what they did with what Sandmann did. Odd, isn’t it? Nah, not really.

      2. Talitha appears to not have a good grasp on reality. I wonder when RS is going to get a block feature working.

        1. Just ignore me. You know, like everyone does the other Covington boys when they talk about the “exemplary” behavior of the one.

          1. You lie about basic facts that are obvious and then construct houses of cards on your lies.

            Without acknowledging basic facts like “Sandmann was waiting for his bus and wasn’t obstructing Phillips in any way.” “Phillips approached Sandmann to beat his drum and be confrontational or otherwise engage Sandmann”… you aren’t worth the time needed to expose the full range of your psychosis.

            1. Weird that when he was asked why he was standing in the old man’s way on national television — which the liberal questioner twisted to being an act of “aggression” — he didn’t use your argument that he was only waiting for the bus and wasn’t obstructing the old man in any way.” His response was, “I had the right to stand there.” Which I’m sure was the old man’s argument, too. Yes, they both had the right to stand there, but either one could have moved out of the other’s way. Heck, they BOTH could have and simply walked around each other, as I’ve said multiple times. How do you twist that into a lie? And again, the other boys were waiting for the bus and yet stood aside. Were they wrong? Sandmann was the only one who didn’t step aside. Truth or fiction? Truth, since that’s how the old man walked into that crowd of boys and finally got to the one who wouldn’t step aside.

              And yes, I’ve said multiple places that Chief Stolen Valor (I wish more of the patriots here cared about that aspect of Phillips’ behavior) was part of the great pageant of nutters trying to call attention to themselves. If the old man wanted to call attention to his “cause,” whatever that was, he’d have done better not to have lied about what happened from start to finish.

              But you’re not too interested in what I’ve REALLY said, just in hurling insults. “Psychosis”? Well, now you don’t have to listen to me at all — I’m just “nuts.” Takes care of having to try to think, doesn’t it — just twist words and dismiss out of hand. Well, whatever you have to do, I guess.

              1. “Yes, they both had the right to stand there, but either one could have moved out of the other’s way”

                Last comment from me because you show no signs of trying to remedy your own confusion about what happened.

                “I had the right to stand there” in no way means that he wasn’t standing there waiting for the bus. We know that’s the case because that’s what multiple of the other people involved said. This is undisputed.

                You have in no way shown that Phillips was trying to go somewhere besides into the group of boys to beat his drum. He wasn’t going anywhere else. Some other boys parted to let him enter their group, but that doesn’t in any way mean that they were “getting out of his way” as he was going somewhere else.

                Going back and forth with you about basic facts that even the media now acknowledges is a waste of time. HAND.

                1. Yes, ultimately he was standing there waiting for the bus, but the question put to him was whether he didn’t see that his standing in the old man’s way was an act of aggression. That puts a different spin on the answer.

                  I always point out that either could have gotten out of the other’s way because people are quick to point out that the old man walked right up to him (they avoid the fact that the other boys all stepped aside allowing him to do it) and started banging a drum “an inch away from his face.” I always ask, but never get a sensible answer to the question, “And if someone does something annoying in your face, and you have the ability to get away from him, don’t you bear some responsibility for standing there and letting him continue to do that annoying thing in your face?” Well, apparently not if the person who isn’t moving when he’s got plenty of room to do it is wearing a MAGA hat. It’s the person who first walked up who has all the responsibility. The other person somehow is rooted to the ground and shouldn’t be asked why, if it bugged him so much, he didn’t move. Then again, that’s when I also get the response that the kid expected the old man to start a dialogue. There’s no, “Can I help you, please?” look on his face, so that sounds like an excuse after the fact which will get torn to shreds if he takes the stand. No one has an answer to how long a person has to continue to bang a drum in someone’s face before it’s apparent that there isn’t going to be a dialogue and the person waiting for one should just step aside.

                  I think these are common sense questions, but since the kid was wearing a MAGA hat, questioning him, his motives, or his choices is apparently wrong. The old man could have walked around, though — heck, everyone can see that. The kid? Nope. He couldn’t nor should he be expected to do anything other than stand there.

                  I’ve never tried to say that the old man was trying to do anything but walk into that group of boys and hope that one of them would make him stop so he could have his fifteen minutes. I am saying that if Sandmann had done what all the other boys up to his point had done, and had moved out of the old man’s way, the old man would have made a pointless journey through a group of boys, banging a drum and chanting something most people couldn’t understand. He would have been robbed of his moment, and if he turned around and walked back through, or stood on the steps and continued to bang and chant as the boys just stood there, backs turned, chatting to each other and ignoring him, he would have been the irrelevancy he deserved to be.

                  Talking to you seems to be pretty pointless, since you don’t pay attention to what I’ve said, but what you either think I’ve said or wish I’d said. You think you’ve proven something when you’ve assumed something. But that happens a lot around here.

                  Why the word “HAND” in all caps at the end, is a mystery to me. Please use standard English. If “HAND” means calling it quits because it’s pointless, I’m game. Our upbringing, politics (conservative vs. Trumpservative), and values appear to be very different.

    3. Talitha, so much of your post is clueless! The attacks may or may not continue, but they surely will grow if no one fights back. And Nick said he stood there because he didn’t want to appear rude to Phillips by moving away (not to mention he was on steps). Nick initially thought the conman was doing some kind of cultural lesson with the kids, playing for their benefit or maybe expressing some kind of solidarity with them in the face of the Black Israelites. Only after a time did he realize this was an aggression toward him.

      1. Everyone else was rude, then, who moved away — over half of the young men he was with. Rude. Seriously? And when it was pointed out that standing in the old man’s way might be taken as an act of aggression, he didn’t say, “But I was trying to be polite!” He said, “I had every right to stand there!” Which says to me that he, too, was trying to make a protest. He made his protest. He got to go viral. And I think that’s about as far as he could think on the subject. It didn’t dawn on him that he’s standing in the way of an old man — a lying old man who, frankly, should be in jail for stolen valor, but he didn’t know that at the time — and how bad that would look for the rest of us, like that 60%-70% of his classmates who did step out of the way out of respect. Of course, the old man’s lying when he says they surrounded him — he walked into their midst and they parted like the Red Sea…except for Sandmann, who continued to stand there long, long after anyone of average intelligence would know there was no conversation forthcoming.

        If Sandmann thought the Indian was, with his performance, trying to show solidarity with them, why not just let him continue with his performance? The excuses sound so much like the sort of thing a 16 year old would come up with — contradictory and illogical — when he’s been “caught.” He didn’t deserve all the pillorying that he got in the media, but again, whoever told him it was a great idea for him to go on national media was either a genius trying to set up a lawsuit, or someone who didn’t know how this was obviously going to play out. And that poor kid who did something dumb, but is egged on by MAGA types who see him as some kind of hero, is going to be thrown to the lions.

        Then again, maybe they think their video is going to gain so much sympathy for the kid that they’ll be able to settle out of court for a third of that whopping sum, and everyone will have a big payday except the media. Because frankly, I think the very last thing they want is for this to go to trial.

        But, of course, I’m clueless. 😆

        1. They didn’t all move away. Most stayed there and watched and it would have been difficult for them to just move off when there were so many crowded on the steps waiting for the bus.

          1. O, mercy! Where did I say they moved completely out of sight? They stood aside. That means, in English, anyway, that they parted, but didn’t depart. In other posts I pointed out that many of the boys got their phones out to video the thing. Which means they’d have to be in range to do it. I spoke of the fact they looked a bit bewildered. That means I had to be able to see them.

            Sometimes I wonder if we both learned the same language.

            And, if you noticed, I said that I’ve often said they “parted like the Red Sea” therefore the old man was lying when he said they surrounded him. They were standing there, but he could have done an about face and had a clear road out of there. My bet is that other than Sandmann, no one else would have stood in his way. The boys gave both of them ample room to walk around each other if the either felt as threatened as they both later claimed, so he likely could have had a clear road the way he was walking if he’d just stepped around Sandmann.

            If anything, I’m verbose, so I over-explained. No, I did not say they LEFT. I said they “parted like the Red Sea” or simply “stepped out of his way.” (See the post you’re supposedly responding to.). “Stepping out of the way” means to step to one side. You can step out of the way in a narrow corridor so you don’t run into someone. But you’re still there — just flattened against the wall. We’ve all “stepped out of the way.” We’ve also all “left the scene.” They’re two different things. And we all know this.

            I think you’re just nitpicking at this point. Of course, I’m sure you think I’m nitpicking to contrast the actions of the lone kid who stood in the way vs the actions of all those kids who stepped out of the way. SMH. :facepalmg:

    4. The ‘kid’ didn’t move because the Indian was approaching, he was probably thinking that a conversation was about to ensue. And this has nothing to do with your political bent, it has everything to do with manners and respect on the part of the Indian and other protesters.

      1. And all those other kids moved because the old man was approaching. Once he realized no conversation was going to ensue, but rather the old man was going to beat the drum and chant, that was his opportunity to show the manners and respect that all the other boys did who moved out of the old man’s way. Yes, I agree 100% that it’s not about my conservatism, it’s about basic manners and respect. But your politics seems to say that the only one who has to show manners and respect was the old man and the other protesters. They All should have. At least the boys who respectfully stepped out of the way did. God bless them!

    5. The kid has already been torn up by CNN, WaPo, and others.

      That’s why lawsuits are being filed.

      It’s astonishing that you don’t see that.

      1. It’s astonishing that you don’t see that I conceded that. I said those kids — which obviously includes him — weren’t racist or any of the other epithets they called them. I also said that the old man with the drum should be in jail for stolen valor. But I did say that the kid wasn’t being well-served by the adults advising him. And he isn’t.

        I think they’re hoping for a settlement without going to trial. I’m reminded of that old cartoon illustrating how lawsuits work — the plaintiff is pulling the cow’s tail, the defendant is pulling the cow’s horns, and the lawyer is milking the cow. The only ones sure to get a good deal out of this are the lawyers and the PR firm. But to hear some folk here, you’d think they honestly expect the media to be taken to task in this. No, that isn’t how it’s going to be reported, even if it goes to court and they point out all the errors the media made and the outright smear job they did on those Covington kids.

        Does that mean I’m rooting for the media? No.

  13. It’s about time that justice is served for the lies perpetuated by the liberal media! Bill Maher and Kathy what’s her name should be on the list next.

  14. I too thought it a very compelling video.

    You have a front row seat to absolute hypocrisy when a pr!ck like Bill Maher calls anyone else a pr!ck. And the big man did that to a 16 school kid. He defines, Maher not Sandman, the kind of media pr!cks that infest our airwaves.

  15. Levin said he hopes this video goes viral.
    I’m doing my part and forwarding it to all of my friends (both of them).

    1. As am I. Time for the media to pay for what they do.

      And I thought naming Bezos as the richest man in the world was a stroke of genius.

  16. I saw Lin Wood on Mark Levin’s show last Sunday night. He is very serious about what he is doing and I applaud him for going after the “big guns” in the media. Since Bill Maher is in the video my guess is he is on the list to be served.

    1. Soon I hope. I absolutely loathe Maher! I would love to see him taken down a peg or two. And no, I do not call for him to lose his show. I believe in free speech even for a POS like him. I just believe there should be consequences for what you say.

    2. I read earlier in the week that Kathy Griffin will likely get a subpoena too. But I haven’t heard anything else about it.

    1. @kab

      Yes, so agree! We, the People need to push back because our way of life and what we hold dear to our very core as God fearing Americans they want to take away.

  17. This 16 year old has so much class and grace, a great deal more than I would’ve had in same situation. I hope the attorney wins big time for him!

    1. He’s a fine young man. Originally I thought he was concentrating on Phillips to get away from the black Israelites who were taunting his group. When you look into his eyes, there’s such a sweetness.

  18. It’s a matter of time before we hear the Stupid “Conservatism” argument on here, “1st amendment…let the viewers decide”

    This kid was harmed and he is entitled to compensation. Plus, these media giants didn’t even back down days after learning the full truth! Truth and facts matter as CNN likes to say, so there needs to be consequences to their egregious actions against a 16yo and against the truth. This video is 100% accurate. The media generates and profits off of divisions in this country and this kid is just collateral damage to them.

    I really hope and wish that they get a judgement in the billions because 250 million isn’t anything to these leftist giants–it’s just a slap on the wrist. They need to get punched hard!

    1. Absolutely let the viewers decide. I hope the Sandman family sues these vile people for everything they have. But I never call for silencing them – that would make us as bad as them. {{{{{ Shudders at the very thought. }}}}}

      1. The problem with not bringing the lawsuit is that the viewers don’t have all the facts to “decide”, so when some say let the viewers decide, but not sue, they don’t see that CNN/Wapo is controlling the narrative and silenced the truth for the viewers to make an informed decision. This lawsuit exposes them and THEN the viewers will decide based on the THRUTH!

        1. If after all the talk about CNN being “fake news” hasn’t made people wary then that’s on the people. Do a little fact checking or sit there like a potted plant and take in what ever swill they’re serving up.

          By the way CNN’s ratings are going a whole lot of people are wise to them. And the rest, ain’t no cure for stupid.

  19. I hope they sue that Indian that was beating the drum and then went on CNN and lied about the kids. Not to mention lied about his Vietnam credentials. I would like to see him officially labeled a liar, like that Jussie guy.

    1. He probably doesn’t have any money, but at least they can sue for his drum and take it away so he doesn’t harass any other school kids with it.

  20. Well, Bezos better have his checkbook ready to go… and CNN, well they’re the leading FAKE NEWS network. I would sue Dim Lemming, Fredo Cuomo, Fake Tapper, et al., individually for all they’re worth. Even that fake conservative, S.E. Coup, whatever her name is, along with a blogger (I will not mention any names) fell for this RUSE without checking out all of the facts. I believe Ben Shapiro fell for this, as well…

    The kid will likely get 10% of what he’s asking for… and GOOD!


    1. I don’t know if Ben initially fell for it but if so, he corrected himself very quickly and went to bat for the kids hard.

  21. Real justice would be juries awarding more than what they are suing for. The fake news morons need to learn a lesson.

  22. Thanks so much for posting Scoop. Awesome video, my thought and prayers are with Nick Sandmann and his family . It’s despicable that anyone in the media would treat a 16 year old boy in such a filthy manner .

    I hope Nicks attorney goes after all the trashy people who smeared Nick and his family and also the other boys and their families. Watching the creeps laugh and mock a kid just sickens me to my core, that could be any one of our family members.
    Time to make all the lower than pond scum pay rather it be the communist media or filthy lying people like Bette Midler, Bill Maher , Kathy Griffin and the rest of the pond scum.

  23. It’s not just the media, but also the progressive politicians who have jumped in on this. They would do the same to each of us if they could. Sandman is just the guy who was the convenient target at the time. We have to make them pay at the voting booth. If not, it will keep getting worse.

    1. The point made in the video was spot on, they will do this to a 16 year old boy…of course they would do it to us too.

      Dangerous corporations spewing this garbage to hurt innocent people minding their own business.

  24. This is perfect. His legal team are getting this out in the media and internet, building a huge case in the court of public opinion and hopefully bringing CNN and the WP to the table with offers of large settlements. Make them pay.

  25. I watched it and was really encouraged by it that the attorneys are going to do some excellent work getting justice for these kids.

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