“They seem him as the migrant president” – Mexico blames Biden for surge of illegals

Even Mexico is suffering under Biden’s irresponsible immigration policies and are now asking for help to get a handle on the surge:

NY POST – The Mexican government is concerned that President Biden’s asylum policies are encouraging illegal immigration and providing revenue to drug cartels through human trafficking across the US border.

Mexico has asked the Biden administration for help to provide developmental aid to Central America since many of the migrants come from countries such as Honduras, Nicaragua and Guatemala seeking asylum in the US.

“They see him as the migrant president, and so many feel they’re going to reach the United States,” Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said of Biden after their virtual meeting on March 1, according to Reuters.

“We need to work together to regulate the flow, because this business can’t be tackled from one day to the next,” Lopez Obrador added.

Some of Biden’s policies that worry the Mexican government include a fast track to citizenship for migrants living in the US and support for gang violence victims.

Internal assessments reviewed by Reuters — based on testimony and intelligence gathering — state that Mexican gangs have been growing their clientele and keeping tabs on US measures that would encourage migration. Additionally they have developed a new tracking system to move migrants across the US-Mexico border.

One Mexican official, who requested anonymity, told Reuters the cartels have been using sophisticated smuggling methods “from the day Biden took office,”

Those strategies include keeping migrants up to date on the latest immigration rules, using technology to thwart authorities, and disguising smuggling operations as travel agencies, according to the assessments.

Reuters also reported that plastic wristbands, some labeled “arrivals” or “entries” in Spanish, were seen discarded near Penitas, Texas after illegal immigrants crossed the border.

“Migrants have become a commodity,” the official told the outlet. “But if a packet of drugs is lost in the sea, it’s gone. If migrants are lost, it’s human beings we’re talking about.”

This morning Ted Cruz said that Democrats don’t give a damn about the human smuggling they are enabling with their policies, putting children in harm’s way, and he couldn’t be more right.

All of these illegals know that Biden is a pushover and will let them all in if they just show up. And these violent gang members are taking advantage of Biden’s irresponsible policies and are putting people’s lives in danger to carry drugs across the border or worse.

Aside from a few written reports here or there, the media largely looks the other way and lets Team Biden get away with it. They are such damn hypocrites for the way they constantly attacked Trump, who fixed the border, but let Biden do whatever he wants without any scandal.

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