They’re telling us who they are. American Flag burned on GUILLOTINE as ANTIFA turns Residential areas into WAR ZONES

The mob mentality is festering. It’s growing more intense. The intensity of the violence is growing. Their addiction to conflict is settling into their brain and they have to keep upping the ante to get their fix. The Marxist Revolution is headed the way all Marxist, socialist, communist revolts go: the way of blood.

And everyone knows it. And they are saying it out loud.

You think this is a metaphor?

Not exactly.

You think the guillotine is symbolic? They don’t mean literal beheading?

Yeah, “whose streets, our streets” was just a chant about having a say in governance, too, right? Oh right no it wasn’t.

Revolutions are war. These people believe they are the beginning of a literal revolution. They are marching through residential neighborhoods to demonstrate that they don’t intend to simply protest government, or hold officials accountable, but that they intend to exact retribution (they call it social justice) on everyday working citizens who themselves have no government authority.

Because that is a big part of the revolution. Join or die.

Nobody wants to be the person who panics. Nobody wants to be dramatic. Everyone wants to act like they are the cooler head that will prevail. But you know what that’s got us so far?

Almost 90 straight nights of this.

Pay attention. That featured pic above is a burning American flag on a guillotine at a riot in a suburb. When they show you who they are, believe them. And an American flag burning on a guillotine? That’s a pretty explicit show.

They’re telling you what this is.

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