This 💰expenditure sheet💰 shows just how much Trump fears DeSantis getting into the race and it’s mind boggling…

Trump’s SuperPAC MAGA, Inc has been doing the heavy lifting for Trump when it comes to opposing Governor DeSantis getting into the 2024 presidential race. And the amount they’ve spent so far is staggering.

Here’s their 2024 expenditures so far this year. Notice the last three entries, which are dated three days ago. Also notice how many other candidates are on the list:

Trump has spent well over $15.3 million on DeSantis attack ads and he’s not even in the race yet. And not a dime on anyone else.

According to Rob Pyers, this is more than they spent in total on midterm candidates:

Donald Trump’s MAGA, Inc SuperPAC intensifies its attacks on Ron DeSantis ahead of his likely entry in the presidential race next week, dropping $2.8M on attack ads, bringing their anti-DeSantis spend to $15.3M and blowing past the $15M MAGA, Inc spent on all 2022 midterm races.

Trump keeps touting polls suggesting DeSantis doesn’t stand a chance, but the massive amount of money they are spending trying to keep him from entering the race tells a completely different story.

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