This DISASTROUS and BIZARRE Biden rally Cher performance aired on official live stream, not a PEEP from PRESS

The media will make a big deal out of literally anything that happens related to Trump. If a nutbar is outside a Trump rally in a weird costume, you better believe it will be on cable news and every blue check Twitter feed on this green earth.

And when a celeb comes out for Trump? Forget about it.

But this weekend, ultra-famous CHER was at a Biden rally. She didn’t just SAY crazy things, her performance was a disaster. That should be catnip for the press. And it wasn’t at an obscure rally, it was on the OFFICIAL live stream.

“We will have Putin’s idea of what heaven is,” she says at one point.

“Until cell phones came out, I didn’t know what was going on in the Black community. I didn’t know what was going on in the Latino community. Not that I didn’t know,” she said at another. I’m not kidding, she said this at an official Biden rally in Vegas on a stage before a crowd while people filmed and streamed. And the sign language translator had to repeat it!

And I don’t even know if this made it into the tweets, but in the full version from the campaign she told the audience that her grandmother picked cotton.

You have to see it to believe it, and you have to see it HERE because the “news” sure won’t show it.

And that’s just the disastrous singing portion. Listen to her talk!

Do people in the media know that we know? It’s just so obvious and it never stops happening. If this was a Trump rally it would air every hour on CNN and MSNBC. It would be all over every blue check Twitter. Sites like Raw Story and Mediaite would have “Twitter destroys BLANK” posts full of tweets.

But Cher does THIS and there’s NOTHING because it was for BIDEN.

Un. Real.

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