“This guy can’t hold a candle to Sarah Palin” – Mark Levin rips Joe Scarborough for trashing Sarah Palin

On MSNBC today, Morning Joe’s Joe Scarborough trashed Sarah Palin and it caught the attention of the Great One who lead off his segment by saying “there’s nothing worse than a half-wit lecturing all the rest of us.” He continued, saying Scarborough “can’t hold a candle to Sarah Palin,” asking what has he ever done for the conservative movement. And that’s just the beginning.


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98 thoughts on ““This guy can’t hold a candle to Sarah Palin” – Mark Levin rips Joe Scarborough for trashing Sarah Palin

  1. Sarah Palin is a Moron. Love Joe for speaking the truth. She can’t hold a candle to a coat rack. Keep up the good work Mark – touting people like Palin! We need more conservatives like you. You’re helping to show America why the Republican party is so out of touch with mainstream America. Can you say, “Another Democrat wins the Presidency in 2012” – I can – thanks for your help!!!

  2. This guy is ripping JS for ripping Sarah Palin? Wow, hypocritical much? What he said about Mika B is worse than anything Joe said about Mika. Practice what you preach.

  3. MSLSD… love that. So fitting.

    When that bleached platinum “I’m so hot” sausage hairdo head read the announcement about Sarah… the inflections in her voice were drippingly snaggy.
    OBVIOUSLY jealous of Sarah.

    1. Oh, she has a gig alright. Her gig is to save this country before the Libs, the Marxists and the GOPe flush it down the toilet.

    1. Leftwing kooks are so stupid they continue to believe in a system that ALWAYS fails economically and morally.

      Einstein defined that as being “insanely stupid”.

  4. None of Governor Palin’s detractors ever show any interest in addressing Sarah’s positions on the issues. It seems the only card they have in their hand is the ad hominem card. They’ll tell you she’s not intelligent, they’ll tell you she’s extreme, they’ll tell you that she isn’t “intellectually curious”, they’ll tell you that she’s irrelevant, they’ll tell you that she should leave the room, but they never ever ever want to discuss how her positions on the issues are wrong. You know why? Two reasons- One, they know that the majority of people agree with her. Two, if they discuss her positions on the issues, it validates her as a legitimate Conservative voice, and they sure don’t won’t to do that.

    The Roves, the Scarboroughs, the entire GOPe, and the lefties know that Sarah Palin has the ability to unite the Tea Party movement and transform it into something it’s been missing- cohesiveness. They know that if she’s allowed to motivate the common folk and transform them from a movement into an organized political force, their gooses are cooked. They haven’t even noticed that she’s already started brining their big dumb butts. It won’t be long before she takes their gooses, puts them in the roasting pan and turns up the heat.

    Sarah may not re-wrap their motorhome and hit the road, but her metaphorical bus is being fueled up, loaded for bear, and it’s about to hit the road. It won’t be long before we’re all singing, “The wheels on the bus go round and round….”

    Give me an extra squirt of butter on my popcorn and a big orange drink.

  5. Joe Scarborough knows he’s a loser, thats why he trashes conservatives. But the more he trashes us the more they love him at the mental asylum called msnbc. He probably goes to his bosses at the end of the day and asks ” did i do well masters”

  6. Joe Scarborough WISHES he could draw as many crowds and sell as many books as Sarah Palin. And Scarborough knows it (as well as the people at MSNBC, and it drives them nuts). I doubt anybody watches him, let alone listens to him. So the worst thing we can do to him is just ignore him and, judging by his lousy ratings, we seem to be winning on that front.

  7. I know it’s tempting to put Scarborough in his place, but really, mark you give 100 times more publicity than he gets from his own show. I say ignore these idiots like Scarborough and Morgan. The few people that watch theirs shows will never get it anyhow.

  8. I miss Sarah Palin. A person so horribly ostracised, yet her character would shine through it all. This nation will suffer greatly ( and so will fox) for turning their backs on her.

  9. Let’s see here. Sarah Palin has Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh, Ted Cruz, Allen West, the Breitbart crew, Peter Schweizer, Mr L, Doc Zero, Jedediah Bila, and many more in her corner. Scarborough has Mika Dumbass, David Frum, and …………. Nuff said.

  10. So Joe Scarborough accurately points out that Palin does not have a political future and he gets trashed for telling the truth? When are Palin supporters going to stop fooling themselves? Do you really think she is going to run in 2016 and beat Hillary Clinton? She didn’t even have the guts to run for the Republican nomination in 2012!

    1. why don’t you go kiss your leader’s behind and stop trolling here. you have no idea what sarah palin is going to do or for that matter what hag hillary is going to do in 2016.

  11. Joe Scarborough is not a conservative and since he is employed by a division of the propagandist media arm of Zero and sees no problem in bashing true conservatives, deserves no credence and in my eyes. He does deserve my contempt.

  12. Joe is known for the dead “intern” in his office whose death was “accidental”. He is the bribed “mouthpiece” for the Leftist puppet-master who got him “off” and who has him promote the destruction of this once great Republic. He sold his soul to the Devil years ago. BTW, I love Sarah!!!! She is not afraid to speak the Truth which Joe obscures.

    I love Levin’s book, Ameritopia, but he needs to go after the “birth certificate” issue and the SS issue, and the Selective Service registration issue—all prove we have a “fraud” in the White House. Don’t know why he won’t seek the Truth—it is so odd. You confront fraud in every single place.

  13. Right on Mark. This sell out failure Morning Schmo has been trashing Sarah Palin from day one, he is so jealous of her, and what does he do promte RINOS like COLON BOWEL, Chris Christie, big time Liberals, keep promoting those type of Republicons and you will keep losing races. Scarbourough is a half wit. Sitting there with his legs crossed like he is some almighty sage. Nobody watches that pos show!

  14. This is my dream…that Mark Levin is Attorney General in a President Palin administration…Please, God, let it be so!

    1. I don’t believe it is too early to start sending a little extra to SarahPAC each month, count me in !!!

    1. Ya, Sarah on the Left’s hit list again. However, she has been through it all before. In the end, the last laugh may be on them for underestimating her political acumen. She is positioning herself for the day all the liberal crap collapses. Keep sending tanks and fighter planes to our enemies and something will hit the fan soon.

  15. Ok, I’m seeing a pattern from this RINO. Last week he attacked Ted Cruz and this week he is attacked Sarah Palin?! Ok, Scare borough you are the second person, next to Colin Powell, to be kicked out of the Republican Party. See ya! Micheal Steel, up next and then Karl Rove.

  16. Yeah you’ll never see Sarah Palin be the liberal MSNBC’s token so-called conservative b*tch, you play the role very well Joe. She doesn’t need some BS network like MSNBC, and I’m happy she ditched foxnews where time after time when it matters all we get is the republican establishment propaganda machine.

  17. Oh, it seems like just yesterday that Joe Scarborough was a REPUBLICAN. Oh, wait a minute. No it doesnt.
    But, its amazing how far he has fallen. In the 90’s Joe USED to hold some rather Conservative positions.
    I guess TV is where “Liberal Joe” hangs his hat.

      1. I forgot about that. Didn’t she “hit her head” in his office?

        What was most “STOOPID” about that was that he joked about it with IMUS, and on other morning radio shows too. I mean, show some respect.

  18. Joe went to washington as a conservative from Florida’s panhandle, I voted for him, he went there a family man, and divorced his wife in short order, went on Bill Mahr’s politically incorrect often, and slowly drank the koolaide. He is a disappointment, and the more he rubs shoulders with liberals the more liberalism rubs off on him.

    1. Scarborough has a complete moron like Mika next to him every day for a reason. It is his only hope for convincing anyone thinking he is not completely completely intellectually bankrupt. He’s on MSNBC (Mentally Sick National Bigotry Corporation). That says it all.

    2. Wasn’t a dead intern found in Scarborough’s office?

      I know if you search Bing for Joe Scarborough one of the things that comes up in the search window is “Joe Scarborough Mika Brzezhinski affair”. 😀

      1. If for no other reason than you not saying the “other” search propaganda engine I give you a “like click.” I avoid that “other” propaganda engine like the plague it is.

      2. What’s dead person from time to time to a politician, after all look at how Teddy Kennedy benefited and his victim was also pregnant so he got a 2 for 1.

    3. Same thing happend to Ariana Huffington, she got hooked up with little unfunny troll Maher and went left.

        1. This is no joke,
          I was just going thru a pile of photos, while I logging on to the computer.
          AND DISQUS was on the screen from last night. So your comment was at the top.
          My pile of photos contained mostly photos of our life from the last 20 years.
          But as I looked at your comment the next photo was from 1963. It’s an old black and white and it is the storefront of my dads 5 &10……Timing?
          The stories of kids stealing bubble gum was a frequent occurrence at the store.

          1. And I saw this video last night but waited until this morning to post….when I find a few minutes to work on my book I wonder if you are writing your father’s story…..I truly believe God puts people in our pathways for a multitude of reasons

          2. And I saw this video last night but waited until this morning to post….when I find a few minutes to work on my book I wonder if you are writing your father’s story…..I truly believe God puts people in our pathways for a multitude of reasons

  19. Thanks again to Mark Levin. I don’t get why National Review actually thinks that man has anything to bring in the way of ideas! He hasn’t brought anything compared to Sarah’s ideas about natural resources and getting rid of corruption in DC!

    1. Now what would become of the “prestigious” National Review if they put themsleves in the position of having to admit their glossy pages have been turd polishing all these years?

  20. The left pick whom they will have represent conservatives. That is all we need to know!

    The lefts conservatives will give heed to their masters for they dare not bite the hand that feeds!

    Under these circumstance why would we expect anything different coming from these left versions of conservative voices other then what the left wants them to say.

    Thank you Mark, and thank you for sticking up, once again, for another conservative! Sarah is a real threat to the left, they tell us as much every time they attack her!

  21. From the sound of the flak, Sarah must be over target again. I wonder what the target is?

    It warms my heart to see them wetting their britches everytime she comes around.

    1. Her statement was great, we haven’t begun to fight! While at FOX, they thought they could control her and squelch her freedom of speech. I feel a new headline, Palin Unleashed! I want a Ted Cruz in each state where a US Senator is up for re-election in 2014, and that includes the RINOs like Lindsey Grahamnesty

      1. it is quite unusual for the ‘new guy on the block’ to be so prominent in DC Leadership, right off the bat …

        Ted Cruz is GREAT! …. he isn’t biddable like Rubio who does and says what his GOPe Masters instruct. Cruz is an independent thinker – something tells me he causes Grinding of GOPe Teeth … **__** (Just like DeMint and Palin)

        have you noticed that Palin, Demint, Cruz are all on the same page recently? … all talking about a ‘rebirth of Conservatism’ (without necessarily using the exact same words) …

        It seems ‘impossible’ but I believe them …. I expect something big to happen … soon … DEO VOLENTE

        1. Palin, Cruz, and DeMint, as real conservatives, are distinctly qualified to talk about the rebirth of conservatism. You don’t hear this from the GOP (Gasbags, Obfuscators, and Pansies) because its just not in their hearts. As for Ted Cruz, he’s a future conservative star. I’m lucky he’s one of my states’s senators.

        2. Agreed, agreed, agreed, agreed!  The Tea Party Trio (Palin, DeMint and Cruz).  Once upset that Jim DeMint left the Senate, I have begun to see his wisdom and the fact that Gov Haley apptd a fantastic man in Senator Tim Scott solidifies that belief even more.

  22. Right on Mark.Sarah is the epitome of a true conservative.When morons like Scarborough spew their vitriol at Sarah it only proves that they are scared to death of her.Go Sarah!!!!

    1. sure Levin is Great,
      except that the Great Constitution Defender can’t see his way to explain why those of us who are concerned about Zero’s Constitutional eligibility are wrong to be concerned. it appears that the term, “natural born citizen” is not important to Levin, our ‘Great Constitution Defender’.

      1. Be patient for a little longer – CJ Roberts has scheduled SCOTUS to meet and consider whether they will have a full hearing on the Documented Fraud associated with BHO on Feb 15th. I think Levin knows this …. it is SCOTUS, an equal branch of Govt that must deal with such an issue….. no lower court has been willing to pursue it. ( I reckon they have all said ——–> It’s up to YOU to take care of this matter, directly SCOTUS)

        1. There is nothing SCOTUS can do on Feb 15th. They have an application for stay a number of things that have already happened, moooter than moot if I may. Understanding how our justice system works should be a priority for people that pretend caring about the US Constitution.

          1. we shall see what SCOTUS decides to do …. Roberts is the one who scheduled the hearing for Feb 15th

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