This has to be the WORST headline of the night on the riots in Louisville

They may be other really bad headlines on the riots in Louisville tonight, but this one by Reuters has to be near the top of the list:

The first major problem with this headline is they say the ‘demonstrations’ after nightfall remained ‘mostly peaceful’ until gunshots rang out… Seriously? Did they not see the video of rioters throwing objects at police in front of the Hall of Justice? Did they not see all the fires being set?

If that isn’t bad enough, Reuters makes the shooting of two police officers sound like a ‘tit for tat’, saying “gunshots rang out in the midst of a skirmish between protesters and heavily armed police.” Right, it was a just a skirmish. The police officers must’ve started it with their non-lethal munitions, trying to get these rioters to disperse. Geez.

The media in this country is ridiculous. I fully expect Reuters to delete this tweet, so here’s a screenshot of it for when they do:

Here’s a few responses to the Reuter’s headline:

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