This interview with Scott Walker is a PERFECT example of dichotomy in the Age of Trump – [VIDEO]

From time to time I mention the dichotomy of this Trump era, specifically when it comes to supporting Trump. Some of the things he does are conservative and we like them. Other things he does are liberal and we don’t like them. And some of the things he does are just, to put it bluntly, infuriating.

But there’s also another dichotomy in the age of Trump that we see on display which is similar. It deals with conservative Republicans trying to win in the age of Trump, and you see it on full display in this interview with Scott Walker, who is again running for governor of Wisconsin.

Watch at least a minute or two of his interview:

I don’t think I’ve ever seen Walker dodge and weave like he was doing in this video, all to keep from criticizing Trump on this Harley Davidson issue.

But don’t be too hard on him, he just wants to win and thus can’t afford to upset a huge chunk of his base before November by telling us how he really feels about this.

I can guarantee you he doesn’t like it. After all, we know from his policies and the many things he’s said that he is truly a conservative. And if you look back at 2016, he had to be dragged kicking and screaming to support Trump. So it’s not his fault that he’s got to dodge these landmines in 2018.

Still, it’s hard to watch. But this is what the age of Trump is doing to the Republican Party, making the conservatives dance as though they were Bugs Bunny being shot at by Elmer Fudd.

I just hope we can survive it until it finally ends.

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