‘This is a BAD DAY for us!’ – Jeff Toobin SHOCKS Brian Stetler over Buzzfeed blowout!!

In a segment yesterday on CNN with a panel with a lot of looong sad droopy faces on it, Jeff Toobin said what everyone was thinking – the Buzzfeed thing was a TERRIBLE and devastating event for the reputation of the media.

Watch below:

Stelter does his best to spin how horrible the Buzzfeed bust was for the media, but you can tell the panel ain’t buying it.

It’s not just that Buzzfeed broke the news – it’s that it was clear the media was running with it because they were so terribly hopeful that it was true. It was obvious.

Here’s Chris Cuomo admitting Mueller screwed over the media and helped Trump:

LOL!! That is awesome. It shows what Cuomo and others in the media really think about Mueller – he’s there to HELP the media take down Trump. Now, to be fair for the more unsavory and conspiratorial members on our side, they say exactly the same thing. In any case, it’s terrible for the media and they know it.

Here’s Brian Stelter trying to make the best case for Buzzfeed, and failing:

Keep polishing that turd, Stelter! LOL!

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