“This is a national humiliation” – Blinken admits there are thousands of US permanent residents stuck in Afghanistan

Today Secretary Blinken admitted to the House Foreign Affairs Committee that there are around one hundred Americans and “several thousand” US permanent residents with green cards still stuck in Afghanistan:

Ben Sasse responded with a blistering statement:

“After lying about this slow-motion hostage crisis for weeks and stonewalling requests for hard numbers, Secretary Blinken just admitted to Congress that ‘several thousand’ American green card holders are still trapped in Afghanistan. This is a national humiliation. Let’s be very clear about this: These men and women are legal permanent residents of the United States. When America gives someone a green card, it’s a promise that their permanent home is here in the United States with us. President Biden abandoned thousands of these American residents behind Taliban lines to fend for themselves. He has a duty to bring every single American citizen and green card holder home. No more happy talk about the blood-thirsty Taliban — get our people home.”

I know, I know, it’s Ben Sasse. But he’s not wrong about this. The Biden administration treats the “blood-thirsty” Taliban terrorist like they are legitimate government and it all began when our Coward-in-Chief refused to stand up to them, intentionally leaving thousands of American residents and tens of thousands of our allies behind.

It truly is a national humiliation and Biden is an international disgrace.

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