“This is about the jackboot of tyranny” Karen Kenny’s powerful testimony on how IRS targeted her group

Karen Kenny gave a powerful testimony before Congress today, not only explaining how her group was targeted, but also letting Congress know what this was really about:

This dialogue is about the jackboot of tyranny on the field of our founding documents. To whisper the letters I.R.S. strikes a shrill note on Main Street USA. But when this behemoth tramples upon America’s grassroots, few hear the snapping sounds.

Watch her full testimony below:

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45 thoughts on ““This is about the jackboot of tyranny” Karen Kenny’s powerful testimony on how IRS targeted her group

  1. This speech must be circulated. Everyone who belongs to FaceBook, Google +, or any social media group should post this to their page so it can be spread around. Just commenting in here isn’t going to do it. Do not be afraid. Show no fear. Get the words out there!!

  2. May the winds of Liberty and freedom spoken here be a wholesome breath of
    honor that this country was founded upon.
    We the People must stand firm and not allow the absurdity of this power grab
    by the government take away Our Rights!
    We granted the government LIMITED control!

  3. brave honest  Patriot this wown is an exame of what you can be as an Amrican ,she said it all, and no loud  voice but the breath of freedom  that ringt the bell , the same bell of freedome heard when loudly one if by land and two if by sea, the same freedom we must take baci fro Tyranny , it has not changed ,,

  4. Excellent!  For those feeling that her speech was “melodramatic”, or “too poetic”…don’t fall into the trap of our lazy current slang.  This woman echoes the exact style of our Founding Fathers in her vocabulary.  You would be hard pressed to find more poetic documents than the vocabulary used in the Preamble to the Declaration of Independence, The Bill of Rights, and our Constitution.  Don’t dismiss the power of her words because they are melodic!  I could listen to her words speaking truth all day!

  5. Dr Karen Kenney said it all- No more powerful words of truth can be said than the words Dr Kenney stated about the ugly power of govt  tyranny, against Individual Freedom and Liberty, against We the People.

  6. Goosebumps, as this beautiful, patriotic lady speaks of liberty before those who would crush it.

  7. The IRS has to be abolished. It’s completely corrupt, and congenitally fascist.

  8. Very moving. I hope the libs had a dictionary handy, lots of words they don’t understand.

    1. Laurel A  Some people may see Dr. Kenny as a little melodramatic, but somehow, someway we’ve got to get these politicians’ attention.
      Also, even if Dr. Kenny’s testimony were highly polished with all the politically correct terminology, the arrogant and ignorant Democrats would still have simply ignored her.

      1. PoCoTex Laurel A Yep and now they are dismissing her due to the melodrama. The woman is eloquent but the punch would of had more impact without the drama.
        And this isn’t going to get the politicians attention. Remember it is the politicians who created the behemoth known as the IRS. So far where I am sitting Obama is winning…even on the scandals.

        1. Laurel APoCoTex Excellent comments, Laurel.
          You’re right, Obama is still winning (with apologies to Charlie Sheen).
          And, you’re right about the politicians who created the IRS leviathan.

          The worst part about this whole mess with the IRS is that the very people who would have the power to deal with the IRS – the President, Congress, and all federal courts – are paid by the very Department of Treasury to which the IRS reports.
          No one in Congress wants to get rid of the agency that gives them so much power, pays them for their position in government, and gives them so much influence (think “bribery”) with their constituents.
          Thus, all of these people would have to recuse themselves from any discussions, court cases, or anything to do with judgement on the IRS or its destiny.

          The ability of Senators to manipulate the Internal Revenue Code for their own ends is beyond anything anyone could imagine. No other tax in the history of the U.S. has been this malleable. (Senator Carl Levin and his FATCA legislation is a typical example.) Their desire to get rid of it is therefore non-existent.
          Essentially, why would the Federal Government kill its cash cow and  a tax that is so easily manipulated?

        2. PoCoTex Laurel A Totally agree. We are going to have to force the issue if we want the tax code abolished. I want a flat tax because the fair tax has a rebate in it which leaves the IRS agency in place and there by we are right back where we started in the manipulation realm…that and we are not a nation based on fairness. We are equality based which is a far different concept and application.

          And it is also about the exemptions they slip into bills for campaign contributions. It is also about their lobbyist spouse/children/ inlaw/neighbor being put out of work because what lobbyist do the most is lobby to further manipulate the tax code and get those exemptions.

          I posit that if this country by majority really understood just how corrupt and inbred DC is they would burn it to the ground. The IRS is the tip of the iceberg.

    2. Laurel A You know, when a libe talks in that manner, she is the cream of the crop, the elite of the elites.Good to see a conservative “Teabagger” with such class and eloquence. Good to see such elite, with a profound love for God and Country

  9. Wow. That was profound. Don’t think what this Lady said could be improved. How could a human being  not be moved emotionally by that? She played my harp strings of my heart like a virtuoso.

  10. Karen Kenny’s testimony was superb. She hit the nail right on the head.
    Sadly, I don’t think that it’s going to go anywhere very much since there are two thoughts going through the minds of these Congressmen:
    1. “I get paid by the very department – Treasury – that contains the IRS.”
    2. “Are these people trying to avoid paying taxes, the taxes that pay me and support my politics and my congressional career with my constituents?”
    So all of these Congressmen have to recuse themselves from these hearings since they have a vested interest in keeping the IRS working. They panic when they hear the words “tyrannical” or “jack-boot”.
    Thus, this the very reason for making government revenue a fully and completely voluntary contribution.

  11. This testament needs to become a written document and a battle cry for all who love this country granted to us by those who proceeded us. We do not want to fundamentally transform this country we want our Constitutional Republic back NOW! We are not a democracy where mob rules. But our elected officials must be held to the standard that they are elected on and any change in that platform has to approved by the people who elected them. This can be done.

  12. If I were running for president, I would hire her right now as my speech writer!  That was so sweet!

  13. Am I that pessamistic, or am I just that distrustful, or am I just someone who can see outside this wretched box and know that all these hearings will do nothing but make a few people feel good to stand up & speak? They “throw us a bone” & expect everything to go away so they can get on with their next act of greed and underhandedness. Since Fast & furious all the way to this irs scandel & the ones in between & yet no indictments,no charges,no jail time,not even a slap on the wrist! Acouple little kids selling lemonade without a permit would be in deeper water with the law then these pieces of you-know-what. Did anyone else notice the “bored” look on that idiots face as this lady was speaking? He, & most all the rest of our so called elected officials don’t give a rat’s arse about this irs scandel. Why? Because the left is not a target,plain & simple. Oh well, another lie,another cover-up,another nail in the coffin of America. Americans were once a proud people. Something happened somewhere down the line to take that away from us. I think it’s high time we took it back & got rid of all the rif-raf,parasites & leeches that have hijacked our country and now call themselves politcians. The servant has become the master & where I come from that “just don’t fly”.

    1. steprock  Yes, poetry was the word that came to my mind as well as I listened to her thoughtful, impassioned testimony.  Truly beautiful.

      1. SafeTea steprock Actually, that’s why I didn’t like it that much. She’s speaking in poetic language which I doubt resonates with the Congressmen, the media or a lot of the public.

  14. WOW! Just WOW! 
    I think I got something stuck in my eye after watching that. That was incredible.

    1. stage9 She was venting real and genuine frustration at the demise of her country without fear or embarrassment. Pure, unbridled love and passion for her country. Tell that to the GOP. They’ll say: Whaaa?

  15. Some great points… perhaps a little mellow dramatic and wordy. Please don’t attack me over this post… she seemed a little theatrical and it didn’t seem to resonate there – imho.
    I appreciate someone who stands before these people (notice how the one guy on the panel looked bored)… and I appreciate control and composure. If I were there, I would likely bring passion, outrage, indignation, and tears. These people have the power to indict those who have broken the law and I want them to know that America is sick and tired of this imperialistic government who so willfully tramples on our Constitutional rights at will. They broke the law. They violated our trust. They hurt The People and they better punish those responsible and fix it… or go home.
    The content of her words was excellent… but I want these brown shirts to know that America won’t stand for this crap anymore.

    1. The Sentinel  It’s on record for future generations to read and hold up as an heroic statement in the face of oppressive tyranny.

      1. Rshill7 The Sentinel  
        Aw man… I knew it was wrong! Stupid spell correct!!!

    2. The Sentinel  It’s probably just her style, her way of speaking. She doesn’t seem the type that knows how to shout. I’ve known people like that, you’re not aware they just scolded you until you’ve embarrassed yourself! 😉

      1. badbadlibs The Sentinel  I’d take her momentary melodrama over  a McCain and Boehner sideshow any day.

  16. Now we watch and wait for the depraved of mind and intellect to go after this woman and others like her who will yet testify. I can see it now. They’ll be called: “Kooks”, “Hysterical teabaggers” and “Racists”. 
    To ‘kooks’, we’ll say: “Darn proud of it!”; To ‘teabaggers’, we’ll ask: “Ever seen a pissed rattlesnake teabagging? Saddle up, if you’ve got the balls.”; And to ‘racists’: Since when did excrement come in races?

    Unfortunately to those on the left these are just words without meaning.

    1. clockwindingdown Never underestimate the power of the spoken word!  When truth is spoken it plants a seed.  And though the seed may lay dormant it is still there ready to to be activated.

  18. … the T R U T H shall set us F R E E ,
    a must listen for all LIBERTY Loving PATRIOTS ,
    BRAVO Dr.Karen Kenney BRAVO !”

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