“This is Barack Obama’s blue dress” – Mark Levin on new Flynn docs that expose Obama’s involvement [VIDEO]

Last night Mark Levin was on Hannity’s show to discuss the new revelation that Obama discussed Flynn’s Kislyak phone call with Comey and Yates, calling it “Obama’s blue dress”:

Here’s more from RCP:

Mark Levin railed against intelligence agencies and Department of Justice abuses during the Obama era on Thursday’s broadcast of FOX News’ ‘Hannity.’ Levin said Obama worked with the FBI and intel agencies, knew everything about the counterintelligence program targeting the Trump campaign, and yet he is the one man that was never questioned about the Russia-Flynn probe.

Levin said documents released Thursday as exhibits to the government’s motion to dismiss the Flynn case reveal that Obama knew about Flynn’s visit with then-Russian ambassador to the U.S. Sergey Kislyak. Levin believes this is what contributed to the formation of a strategy to “take out Flynn.” The nationally-syndicated radio host also said Obama knew about the FISA abuses because it is unlikely that the president was not alerted when the FBI went to the FISA court to get surveillance warrants. Otherwise, Levin said, the FBI, DOJ, CIA, DNI, NSC, and other intel agencies went rogue.

“This is Barack Obama’s blue dress,” Levin said. “That’s what that is without the DNA on it. Let me explain what I mean. We are supposed to believe that during the Obama administration, the FBI went rogue, the Department of Justice went rogue, the CIA went rogue, the DNI went rogue, the NSC went rogue.”

“I can tell you that you’re not going to go to the FISA court going after a Trump surrogate without letting the president of the United States know,” he said. “You’re not going to send spies in the opposition campaign without giving the president a heads up. You’re not going to mess around with a dossier like they did without the president of the United States knowing about the dossier.”

“The one man who is never questioned about this by any reporter at any time or any investigative organization is Barack Obama,” Levin added.

He said President Trump deserves a “huge apology” from the Obama administration and Democrats. Levin called the president the victim of spying and a victim of the FISA court. He called it “massive coverup” the “greatest scandal in American history.”

“This is a massive cover-up of the greatest scandal in American history,” Levin said. “We expect and we don’t like it when the Russians interfere with our elections or the Chinese or Iran… but we don’t expect the Obama administration on the Democrats to interfere with our election and to send spies into the opposition party’s campaign, to lie to a federal court, to fix evidence and to try and use the 25th Amendment to take the president of the United States out. That’s why calling this all along a silent coup.”

“Donald Trump deserves a huge apology, a huge apology from the Obama administration and from the Democrats,” Levin told Hannity. “He’ll never get it but why? He’s the victim! He’s the victim of the spying. He is the victim of them changing an email. He’s the victim of what they did with the FISA court. You look at this document, Obama’s blue dress as I said. They impeached Donald Trump over a perfectly fine phone call transcript.”

Trump absolutely deserves an apology. But he deserves a lot more than that, which is the prosecution of the Obama thugs who came after him with the full weight of government.

We wrote about the documents here if you want to see them.

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