“This is barbaric!” – Ted Cruz reveals why illegals coming to the border wear colored wristbands

Ted Cruz was at the border last night and revealed why illegals who are coming to the border are wearing different colored wristbands.

Watch below:

In short, the colored wristbands represent their debt to the cartels which they are forced to pay back, either by working for the cartel if you are a male or being forced into sex slavery if you are female. Cruz says this happens in every city in America.

Here’s more that Cruz had to say:

“This is not compassion. This is not humane. This is barbaric. And Joe Biden could stop it.

We’re a year and a half into the Biden presidency and Joe Biden cannot be bothered to drag his ass down here to the border. Kamala Harris cannot be bothered – she’s supposedly the border czar – to come to the Rio Grande Valley. They can’t even look at the lives they are destroying. This chaos is horrific. It’s wrong.”

He’s absolutely right. Biden could stop all of this if he took seriously securing the border. But he doesn’t care about the lives he’s destroying. That’s why he doesn’t go there. All he cares about is replacement theory and winning elections, doing the bidding of his leftist overlords who put him in office.

Watch the video for more…

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