THIS is how DISORGANIZED team Trump is in Colorado! SAD!!

Not only is Ted Cruz out-maneuvering Trump in Colorado, but they seem to be utterly clueless about organizing for the state.

I mean this is just sad:

Team Trump has a disorganization problem in Colorado.

Because there are more than 600 candidates running for the 13 delegate slots up for grabs today in Colorado, presidential campaigns are passing around lists of genuine supporters in order to consolidate votes around their preferred delegates.

But the list of recommendations that Donald Trump’s campaign put out has several major errors that could cost him delegates, even if supporters follow the campaign’s instructions.

The ballot numbers listed are wrong for five of the 13 delegates Trump recommends voting for, a major problem because the ballot only shows numbers, not names.

Of the five delegate candidates who correspond with the incorrect numbers of the Trump slate, two are unpledged and one will be bound to Trump rival Ted Cruz.

In addition, his alternate slate also has two candidates numbered incorrectly.

The Trump campaign released an updated slate, but that still contained three errors and still included the delegate number bound to Ted Cruz.

The Trump campaign is blaming the errors on a previous list released by the state party, in which they claim the numbers were correct.

“Our slate card was accurate at one point,” Trump senior adviser Alan Cobb told ABC News. “And the list was always changing.”

You might think that maybe the election rules are very confusing and every campaign has the same problem. But you’d be WRONG!!! Both Cruz and Kasich had NO problem filling out their slate cards!

This cheeto-faced moron can barely write the correct names next to numbers.

C’mon people. C’mon. People. C’mon.

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