THIS is how ridiculous Democrats have become…

The Democrats over at the Washington Post are actually putting an estimated ‘death toll’ on the time it took for the Senate to read the 1.9 trillion dollar phony COVID relief bill:

Eric ‘I slept with a Chinese spy’ Swalwell decried the reading of the bill on CNN, claiming that every hour the bill is being read a hungry person doesn’t get fed, an unemployed person doesn’t get a job, a person doesn’t get vaccinated, etc:

What complete garbage. None of that happened! Nobody died because the bill was being read and nobody went hungry or jobless.

But here’s the kicker. The House won’t even vote on the changes to the Senate bill until Tuesday. That’s three days from now:

And there was silence! Where is the outrage because the House is taking their sweet time finish the bill? Why isn’t Eric Swalwell on CNN decrying this? Why isn’t the Washington Post writing about the estimated ‘death toll’ between now and Tuesday?

These people can’t get any more ridiculous than they are now.

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