THIS is how the media covers for Joe Biden and his ‘race comments’ [UPDATE: Chris Wallace does the same thing!]

ABC News and reporter Mary Bruce did cover Biden’s crazy remarks about African Americans being a monolith last night on World News Tonight. But Bruce made sure to provide cover for Biden by attacking Trump.


ABC News began by playing the clip of Biden suggesting that African Americans are a monolith, and followed that up with Trump ‘pouncing’ on his remarks. Bruce never once called Biden’s remarks ‘racist’. Next they showed Biden clarifying his remarks.

You’d think that’d be the end of the segment, right? Wrong. ABC News then attacks Trump, accusing him of having “a long history of racially charged and divisive remarks.” Example one, they say that Trump recently tweeted a video of a man “shouting the racist phrase white power”, but never mentioned that Trump took the video down. Also that was almost two months ago. Example two, they say Trump recently called Black Lives Matter “a symbol of hate.” So racist!!!

The take away they want to leave viewers with is that Biden may have said something unfortunate about African Americans, but Trump is the real racist. Got it?

But they aren’t done with Trump in this segment about Biden. They end by pointing out that Trump attacked Biden’s ‘religion’, with the host asking Bruce about it as though it were crazy. Bruce reported that Trump said Biden, a devout Catholic, is “against God”, but added that “Biden’s team was quick to slam that as hypocritical, (notice she didn’t say they pounced) saying Biden’s faith is at the core of who he is [and] he’s lived it with dignity his entire life.” Yeah, we can all tell how much baby-killer Biden really loves God.

Again this is how the propaganda media covers for Biden. They may cover his gaffes and idiotic ramblings, but they’ll always end by trying to make Trump seem a lot worse, and that’s exactly what they did here. Shameful.

UPDATE: Here’s Chris Wallace doing the exact same thing…

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