THIS is how you know Joe Biden has the media in his back pocket…

I know you already know that Joe Biden has the garbage media in his back pocket from the simple way they refuse to scandalize him for anything.

But this video clip from today is how you know Joe Biden knows that he’s got the garbage media in his back pocket.

He’s got Hunter there shaking everyone’s hands as if there isn’t a bombshell voicemail that exposes how Joe Biden LIED about his son’s business dealings.

Because Joe knows that the garbage media won’t dare approach his son and ask him about any of this. Not that Joe would make his son available for such questioning, but that he would have the audacity to bring his son there as if nothing was wrong.

Not to mention all the sex with prostitutes and crack pipe smoking Hunter recorded on video and left on his infamous laptop that everyone knows about.

Will the press even ask the White House press secretary about this, especially after she refuses to answer questions about the voicemail? Maybe one or two will from Fox News and other conservative outlets, but the rest of the media will just ignore it because they are in Joe’s back pocket.

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