“This is institutionalized corruption of the highest order!” Mark Levin on Pigford scam and Breitbart

Mark Levin spent the first segment of his show on the massive corruption laid out in the NY Times article on the Pigford scam. While he said it does vindicate Andrew Breitbart, it is much bigger than Breitbart. Levin says this is the type of scandal that used to bring Presidents and Congressmen down.


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67 thoughts on ““This is institutionalized corruption of the highest order!” Mark Levin on Pigford scam and Breitbart

  1. Nothing will come of it.  Ozero and his anti-American cabal are powerful, and the RINOs are complicit in the cover-ups.  We are in sad times…we need patriots, not traitorous filth.

  2. Lee Stranahan has been tweeting that this is about to take a whole new turn.  He was in Houston today where more black defendants were being recruited, then he had an hour long conversation with Rep. King.  This thing is far from over.

  3. I KEEP HOPING FOR that one thing that will not only bring this admin down, but NOW, and forever tinge ANY CLINTON OR OBAMA from EVER holding elective office again!  Not only are both these families disastrous for the USA, no politician that has been found guilty of fraud, indicted in any federal offense, should EVER be allosed to run for ant public office!

  4. Putting out milk for stray cats and kittens….seems to summarize  US history since 1964. 
    Is Lyndon Barnes Johnson still dead? Please say yes.

  5. Obama is teflon. The media is criminal and corrupt to the bone.
    Obama gets away with this because the media stopped doing their job. They stopped reporting news accurately. They stopped digging for the truth… then reporting it. They voided any and all journalistic integrity whatsoever.
    This toppled presidents or congressman years ago because the media dug up the story and told America… ESPECIALLY if it was about a republican. The only difference now is that they only report on republicans… not their masters: the democraps.

    1. The Sentinel  Sentinel-have you seen Agenda: Grinding down America? Good insights into the US Media


      1. WordsFailMe The Sentinel  
        I’ll check it out.
        I’m always grateful for patriots like you who add to the conversation and research – especially when you provide a link. Thank you!

  6. Meg McCain is a product of the parents of the sixties. One of their goals was to belittle religion and family values. Meg has learned the lesson well. Scratch one goal of the marxists up to success. Meg is intelligent, raised in a family home, her father was a patriotic veteran, yet she still drank the cool aid.
    It’s a long way back, folks.

  7. Agreed. It is more then enough to bring down presidents and senators and representatives. 
    But does anyone SERIOUSLY think that there are enough honest and honorable men and women in Congress willing to do so?  I have my doubts about that. Too many of them are culpable and know they themselves would be facing prison sentences. 
    The PURCHASE of America continues apace under the socialism of Obama and those in both parties who have aided and abetted him.

  8. Mark’s summary is on target. Whenever our money goes into the common pot, there will be theft and fraud. Separate yourselves and your assets as much as possible from this government, because it’s going down.

    1. applepie101 No accountability and no one to stop them from them continuing with their lawlessness…

  9. If the NYT is tired enough of Obama’s administration to print this you can bet it’s in preparation for a Shrillery presidency to fix all of it. When was the last time the NYT gave a damn about anything criminal Democrats did? Between lying about Republicans and aiding the enemy I’m surprised they could work this in.

  10. So the NYT finally admits it. Andrew Breitbart was hot on the trail of this abuse a couple of years ago. It takes this long for the NYT to get wind of it.Something is going to explode, otherwise they’d still be keeping silent.

    There only way to regard the government in Washington DC is as a criminal enterprise. The US is being governed by a Mafia.

      1. This is a very good argument for eliminating the department of Agriculture. SNAP is another good argument.

  11. I don’t know what to say any more.I think I am going to be sick.We have no representation in D.C. ant longer.You can scream at your congressman and senator until you are blue in the face and it all falls on deaf ears!It appears that we are powerless to do anything to stop the madness!It is time we march on D.C. in millions.It is time to drain that cesspool!Tar and feather time!

    1. 57thunderbird  I couldn’t agree more.  I am sick of contacting my representatives as absolutely nothing comes out of that.  We the People are going to have to rise up and take our country back.  The corruption is so widespread and embedded now on both sides of the aisle not to mention the presence of the Muslim Brotherhood.  I feel like the Israelites did when God allowed them to go into captivity for 70 years because they had ignored Him for so long.  That just may be where we are

    2. 57thunderbird I hear you my friend, and completely agree. But you and I know were going to keep fighting. It’s in the blood!

  12. This was part of the scheme hatched by Obama and minions who were setting up his re-election for 2012 at the beginning of his lst term.  Food stamps, obamaphones, increased SSI claims, extended unemployment claims, increased Section 8 housing, free utilities and many more federal programs designed to spread the wealth.  The more wealth spread, the MORE VOTES.  Obama went on to spread our tax dollars to green energy companies that were ready to collapse.  Unions were given GM, Obama took over student loans and doubled payouts…for VOTES.  This is why Reid never passed a budget.  They needed the 2.7 Trillion, the highest amount Bush ever received, PLUS the Omnibus of 900 Million.  The Dems ONLY chance to get this amount every year was to just continue the 2009 budget with CR’s and dare the GOP to close down the government.  Boehner caved year after year enabling the Dems a win in 2012.  Obama spread the wealth and won the election….compliments of the GOP House leadership.  Our GOP leaders have turned on their party and we were left in the dust.

      1. GOP ‘leaders’?  You have just invented a new oxymoron my friend! 
        There is no such thing as GOP leaders! Greedy and dishonorable shills, yes!  But leaders? NO!  We are truly without a voice in our own government.

        1. virginiagentleman1 I was answering suzy000 when she said GOP leaders had turned on their party, I answered they’d turned on their country. 
          But both remarks are indeed an oxymoron as you pointed out. It’s difficult to even think of them as Americans. I don’t know any that would abandon their country as some in the Congress have done.

    1. suzy000Boehner really hated that we won a historic number of seats in 2010.  He saw these seats that kept him in power as a huge negative.  More Conservatives which he saw as a bigger threat to his power than the Democrats who he works with so much now.
      Ask yourself why is the message now what worked so well in 2010?

  13. Will they give the money back? Could we have a list of all recipients of this form of reparations?

  14. Sen. Hagan of NC was a big proponent of this kind of reparations so she could shore up the black vote in 2014 for her re-election. Let’s boot her out and give her an acting job on House of Cards(Netflix).

  15. I’ve been watching House of Cards on Netflix and this kinda stuff fits right into its storyline. Perfectly. It gives you an illustration of what happens behind closed doors.

  16. Vilsak has always been a dirtbag.  He managed to turn a billion dollar surplus into a billion dollar deficit and blow through the “rainy day fund” left by Branstad in only 4 years, so he’s a perfect fit for this administration.

  17. Umm, we can’t open the WH tours why? Soldiers are being cut back on food and equipment while O is planning on getting involved in yet another civil war so our soldiers who have been on non-stop deployments while the government culls troops numbers. Yep, we need to cut back all right.

    1. JMW123 I think we have been bamboozled into policing and fighting for others around the globe. “those who control the money supply control the world” and we do not control our own money supply. I think many of these “wars”/”police actions” are not any of our business. I say close all the bases and bring our sons/daughters home, where they belong. Cruise missiles don’t need on the ground back-up. Who is profiting from all these “actions”? We certainly are not except the wasting of our sons/daughters for someone else’s profit. This is an atrocity that needs to be addressed.

  18. Dont endorse ! Pigford III”, a morals and values-based campaign to transform food deserts, beginning in Georgia. https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/endorse-pigford-iii-morals-and-values-based-campaign-transform-food-deserts-beginning-georgia/K43KlN4Q

  19. “Pigford III”, a Black American Farm Relief Petition by George Harris, Founder, Center for Family Farm Development, Inc., Launched Monday at WhiteHouse.gov  http://www.prweb.com/releases/2013/4/prweb10636472.htm   “Pigford lll” calls for release of more than $7.5 billion in farm production loans in Georgia, alone, sufficient to transform Georgia food deserts and disease prevention strategies, through a public-private partnership model.

  20. I don’t know how to express my disgust for this country and more. I’m tongue tied for once.

  21. You know what, we can all give people like Mark, Bill Whittle, Shawn Hannity, and others to at least put out to us just exactly what Washington is up to on a daily basis. But MY GOSH, what ever happen to those on the Right who represent us in Washington to take on these scums that are ruining our country WHAT HAPPEN TO THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I can’t yell it loud enough. All we hear is complaining and nothing is being done. If I were a betting man I would say when it comes to the ruin of our beloved country every single politician on the right will be ones responsible for the destruction of this country and the Constitution for doing absolutely nothing while they worry about their stupid careers.
    It’s just sickening

    1. GiantM   Unfortunately, the RINOs in the GOP leadership do not have the will or the guts to challenge Obama, and the few conservatives who are outraged and want to do something are not positioned to do it.  When you think that Newt left them with a balanced budget, massive welfare reform, and would have gotten term limits but these very same RINOs blocked it…. they are just as culpable as the Democrats for the mess this country is in.  They were in the minority for 40 years before Newt orchestrated the first Republican majority in 1994 and they all swore it could not be done.  They have a go-along-to-get-along mentality because they did it for so many years.  They attend the same cocktail parties and the Democrats and the liberal media and they are intimidated by the culture of political correctness.  They are more concerned about their own power and position than doing what is right for the future of this country – and every one of them should be voted out!  We should look at those who supported the gun control bill and this immigration monstrosity, and Obamacare… and VOTE THEM OUT!!!  There are some good people in there but we have to promote them to positions of authority so they can DO SOMETHING about this mess… and I think repealing the 17th Amendment would be a very good place to start because Washington DC is broken and we are going to have to depend on the states to slow Obama down.  We really messed up the balance of power between the federal government and the states when the 17th Amendment was passed.

      1. DeborahClemence GiantM I agree.I have been a proponent of repealing the 17th amendment for quite some time now.I would also like to see the repeal of the 16th.

      2. DeborahClemence GiantM Many of the critters that currently reside in D.C. are on the payroll… just not ours, else they would be protecting our liberties and our rights to own and to have our own property (wealth).

    2. GiantM Our guy Ted Cruz blew open the CongressCritters’ plan to opt out of ObamaCare!  I’d say it’s working.

  22. Hello – John Boehner, 

    Can you help us here ?
    I know it’s after 5 PM and you may be “busy” 
    But we really need your help here 
    The White House is OUT of CONTROL 
    Oh – I see – That’s not your Department 
    You want me to call Mr. Holder 
    In other words – you don’t give a Crap – again – I see 
    Sorry to bother you – Is that ice clinking in a glass I hear ?
    Thanks for nothing  – 
    BTW – Are you being extorted 
    You say no – 
    Then why are you not doing your job

  23. Would this qualify as another “High Crime or Misdemeanor” against We the People ? I think so. Add it to the list. This is only more fuel for the fire. If the Repubs can take the Senate in 2014, B.O. and his muzbro slugbuds could be in for an accounting beyond our wildest dreams. I`m waiting for a weapon from Fast and Furious to turn up somewhere in turban cowboyistan. The numbers of non hispanic illegals are ever increasing crossing our southern border, and guess what part of the world they are coming from….

  24. Obama is having a tough week or two.  He can’t be too happy about this because this was redistribution of wealth on a massive scale… and for the NYT to report on it, he can’t blame it on radical right-wingers!!!

  25. Well, what do you expect? This president will do
    anything to ensure that corrupt political powers, both Democrat and Republican,
    do everything to keep their corrupt behinds firmly sitting in leather chairs
    residing in Washington D.C. The current administration, along with all that
    blindly follow the policies being pushed, will do anything to keep their power
    and jobs. When so many Americans are hurting, this poor excuse for an American,
    yes the President of the United States, has set into motion a set of efforts to
    ensure only corrupt politicians stay in power. I was raised on a farm in
    Kentucky, and while Kentucky is a beautiful state, it isn’t the best state to
    farm in, Very hilly and since the number one cash crop of tobacco has been
    replaced by a filthy weed, it is embarrassing for people who have no idea what
    it is to get up every morning at 4:30 am. pull your boots on and get to work.
    These lying dregs of society only vain discrimination to get money for a job
    they wouldn’t do anyway. I spent most of my young teenage years getting up at
    4:30, milking cows by hand, feeding hogs, haying the cattle and a multitude of
    other chores before getting ready for school. Most these lying sos’s won’t spend time with their children to do homework, and  they want to tell people they want to farm? Yeah, good luck selling that load of B.S.

  26. Have you people seen a bald duck? It’s not pretty, and I’m quickly becoming bald from tearing my feathers out from this crap government.
    So sick of the real racists like the dear leader, holder and the naacp. they disgust me.

    1. A bald duck – LOL!  Thanks for that.  I needed something to laugh at after that depressing segment from Mark.

    2. AmericanborninCanada Wow! Good think you’re not in the House because your new office would be one of the bathroom stalls in the Ladies Room. LOL

    3. AmericanborninCanada  
      ABC…I think you’re as fed up as I am. I just keep looking up, but every once in a while I get in here and just get aaaall worked up again!

  27. I’ve gotten to know Lee Stranahan via twitter, who covered this extensively.  Andrew took Lee under his wing, and literally changed his life.  Lee was a committed liberal, but he put the truth ahead of politics when it came to his journalism.  The left (of course) exhiled him for tarnishing their image. He slowly made a full conversion to Conservatism shortly after Andrew’s very impactful passing.  It’s heartbreaking that Andrew did not live to see Lee’s transformation, and his vindication about Pigford,  but I bet he’d laugh his ass off that it was shockingly done by the NYTimes.

  28. Interesting it is the NY Times who wrote about this. When the Left begins to expose the Left something is up. Breitbart has to be smiling. I would like to know who in Congress was a part of this.

  29. This Pigord scam has been around for a while, but hasn’t seen the light of day by the MSM.  They refuse to report it for some reason.  I appreciate what Mark is doing, I just don’t know if it will ever get taken up by the House Oversight and Government reform Committe.  Who by the way have their hands full with all the corruption in this administration!  Pigford will just have to take a number get in line.  Sheesh, what a country we live in!

    1. Conservative_Hippie Would you report on it if it involved reparations promised by Barky Boy?  Yup, me neither for fear of his and Holder’s retaliation.

  30. I feel sick to my stomache after hearing this.  Sick to my stomache, and totally powerless.  Something’s got to give.

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