“This is not your job, dude!” – Whoopi Goldberg gets all bent out of shape over Pelosi being denied Holy Communion

Whoopi Goldberg got all bent out of shape after the Archbishop of San Francisco banned Nancy Pelosi from Holy Communion in his diocese.

So bent out of shape that she opened The View with it today, telling Archbishop Cordileone that it’s not his job to decide who gets Holy Communion and who doesn’t.


Actually it is his job, dude. It’s exactly his job to try and protect those in his flock who live in mortal sin from sinning against the body and blood of Jesus.

We know this from St. Paul, who tells us that those who eat and drink Holy Communion in an unworthy manner sin against the body and blood of Christ and thus bring judgement upon themselves. Archbishop Cordileone is the chief shepherd over San Francisco and thus this responsibility falls to him and him alone. He would be abdicating his duty if he didn’t at the very least consider this.

It’s also his job to protect the church from scandal given that Pelosi, a self-professing Catholic, wants to codify abortion as law in this country. That’s a really big issue because it becomes not just about protecting Pelosi, but about protecting his other sheep.

Yes, Goldberg is right that Holy Communion is for sinners. But it is for repentant sinners, not those who willfully live in mortal sin and refuse even the counsel of the archbishop, who clearly wanted to warn her before he made this decision.

Here’s a clip of Archbishop Cordileone explaining that he’s been weighing this action for a couple of years, seeking his own counsel before finally doing it:

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