“This is performative theater. This is not science.” – Ted Cruz shreds airplane mask mandates [VIDEO]

Today Ted Cruz shredded mask mandates on airplanes, calling it nothing but ‘performative theater’ and not remotely science:

Cruz is arguing to repeal the mask requirement and allow those vaccinated to choose whether they wear a mask or not, saying the mandate is not keeping anyone safe because it’s just performative theater:

“This is performative theater. This is not science. This is not keeping anyone safe. And if our objective is to encourage people to be vaccinated…then one way to encourage people to be vaccinated is for there actually to be a difference in what you can do after you’ve been vaccinated.”

To bolster his point, Cruz told a story of how when he tried to sleep on a flight recently for an hour or so, he noticed that if someone’s mask came down even slightly below their nose, the airplane staff would wake them up and tell them to pull the mask back up. This is when he said it’s nothing more than performative theater.

Cruz looked at everyone in the hearing room and noted that none of the vaccinated Senators, neither Republican nor Democrat, some of whom are sitting as close as you would on an airplane, were wearing masks:

Indeed not a single Senator in this hearing room is wearing a mask. Not a single Democrat, not a single Republican is wearing a mask. Because shock of all shocks, science actually means something and vaccines work. This mandate right now is hurting the aviation industry because it is depressing demand for commercial aviation.

Watch the video for more…

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