‘This is scary stuff’: Jim Jordan goes OFF on Biden DOJ and FBI targeting parents as terrorists

“That is scary stuff,” said Jim Jordan to Mark Levin about the open question of how deeply involved the White House has been in siccing agents on parents “as if they’re terrorists.”

The left wing school board union, you remember, wrote a letter to the White House urging the gov’t to use the Patriot Act to persecute parents who object to woke ideology and radical gender brainwashing in schools.

Before that, says Jordan, that group was already meeting with the White House and the DOJ and communicating with the Dept. of Education. The House judiciary is demanding the records and documents related to those communications.

“Here’s a fundamental question: Hey, did you know, before the letter was sent folks at the White House, folks at the Justice Department, did you know they were going to include the language that said use the Patriot Act against parents?” said Jordan. “Did you know that was in? Did you suggest it?”

“Because if your White House and our Justice Department that we pay for, if they’re encouraging a left-wing political group to write them a letter as a pretext to go after parents, to go after moms and dads who are simply trying to what’s best for their kids’ education,” said Jordan. “If you encouraged that, if you put that in the letter, that is scary stuff!”

This is just part of the conversation, the full interview and more details will be on tonights Life, Liberty and Levin on Fox News.

“We want to knwo who did it,” said Jordan.

Yeah, we do.

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