This is ‘the MOST destructive major company in existence’ says Bill O’Reilly, ‘the most DESTRUCTIVE to America’

The bad behavior by the left has been even more out of control than usual, lately, enabled as they are by the far left administration of mush brain Biden. And corporations can’t WAIT to be a part of the woke party. From CRT to attacking voting legislation and more, corporations are on the far left bandwagon, even while leftist activists sneer and laugh at the assertion (because they want to trick you and because nothing is ever far left enough for their taste anyway.)

“Good evening, dreamers of all ages,” says Disney Corp. in their new intro to the nightly fireworks at their parks. They have removed “Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls” because it’s not “inclusive.” Bill O’Reilly explains below why that is seditious, wrong, and, in my words, evil.

It’s not innocuous. It’s not minor. It’s not just a greeting. It’s a deliberate attempt to modify language and thinking. And it’s just one facet. Disney owns a lot of other woke garbage, too, including The view.

O’Reilly explains the motivations behind the execs who make these decisions. Listen, via The First.

Liberty Daily has a lot more.

Hopefully, O’Reilly is wrong about Disney not taking a financial hit, but he’s probably right as this isn’t the first time Disney has denied reality. The Mickey Mouse company also recently announced that Disney-owned Marvel’s character Loki on Disney+ has come out as gender-fluid and has now proclaimed to be bi-sexual.

Also, in May, in a further contribution to Cultural Marxism, Disney+ announced that The Proud Family reboot would feature homosexual “dads”.

“There are many more examples,” Liberty Daily adds, and offers them.

The assault on everything that America represents is from within, it is widespread, it is coordinated, it is relentless, and it is winning.

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