This is what Netflix is teaching young children and it’s outrageous…

Netflix has a preschool series called “Ridley Jones”, in which a young Bison decides he’s non-binary.

In the episode the young Bison, named Fred, tells an older Bison that he prefers the pronouns ‘they/them’ because it doesn’t feel like a he or a she.

This is what Netflix thinks is appropriate ‘programming’ for preschoolers:

I’ve seen some commenting on this, saying they will never leave their children unattended while watching cartoons ever again. And who can blame them with this kind of crap being taught to their children.

It’s absolutely outrageous that Netflix is trying to indoctrinate young children with this gender ideology crap. I unsubscribed to Netflix a long time ago and never looked back and parents with young children should do the same.

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