This is who is BEHIND the planned and COORDINATED leftist assault on Joe Rogan, Spotify, and FREE SPEECH

COLLUSION. That’s the word you want. The left is coordinating and colluding in a planned out attack. Some of them are just idiots who fall for it, others are simply malevolent leftists who are always on board for any witch hunt or purge, and the rest are the puppeteers and orchestrators and coordinators and colluders and collaborators.

And it’s not like they are hiding it.

They can do it in the open because the media is complicit and Big Tech loves it. All the elites working together. Some more than others.

Like the scumbags exposed here by Wokal Distance.

And for a kicker, let’s remember this.

Never forget that what they want isn’t just to silence some loud voices, they want to make it impossible to say or think unauthorized things. That’s what they are working for.

For the left, it is always ALWAYS about power. They didn’t let a good covid go to waste, and they won’t miss the chance to bring down a guy they don’t control.

They won’t stop until he’s finished, Spotify is finished, or one or both of them cross over to become a pawn.

Can Joe Rogan win? Can Spotify? Doesn’t seem like it. If you think so, speak up. But looks to me like he’s going to end up on the casualty list.

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