This LEVIN F&F clip is over 10 minutes of ***MUST WATCH*** as he lays out THE FULL MAP of the far left ENEMY

Every day I write about or talk about the massive assault on American ideals coming from a huge patchwork of enemies. Maybe a better metaphor is a puzzle, because the pieces all fit and make a big coherent picture. That picture is Marxism, but writ modern through intersectionality and sheer, downright hatred.

This coalition of foes is so big sometimes you think it’s impossible to conceive them as a whole, impossible to lay out what the machine looks like, where it is attacking, and what to do about it.

That’s where Mark Levin comes in. He explains it fantastically in just under 14 short minutes here. It’s a summary he explains in detail, he notes, in his new book, which I will read a hundred times, personally.

Watch this. It can seem depressing and overwhelming, but listening to Levin here will make you realize that we CAN identify the bad guys, that they AREN’T a majority, they just want everyone to think they are, and they CAN STILL BE STOPPED. As Levin says in the interview, “We have power, we have numbers and we have resources.”

Fantastic. I needed to hear this. Y’all know I’ve had some bleak moments in the last few months witnessing what’s happening. This interview gives me strength.

I know some people aren’t thrilled with Fox News, but I just want to point out that Fox & Friends is one of the highest rated shows in cable news, and Fox is one of the highest rated channels on all of cable tv, news or not. That means not only that Mark Levin’s message gets out to a huge number of people who otherwise would only have the enemy’s transmissions to tell them about the world, it’s also an indicator of the SIZE of the audience out there hungering for TRUTH over the CNN lies.

So thank God for Fox News making this possible, and thank God for Mark Levin for telling it like it is.

‘American Marxism’ goes on sale this week. You can find it here and a lot of other places. I can hardly wait.

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