conspiracy theory professor guy

This liberal Professor has a theory about the theories about critical race theory and It. Is. LIT!

This liberal professor, author, and political commentator has a theory. It’s a theory ABOUT some theories. A theory about some theories ABOUT a theory. And that theory that the theory of theories is about is Critical Race Theory, and it is LIT.

LIT. As in, LITERATURE. Or more specifically, Fiction. Yeah you had to know which way this was going after the word “lib” was in the headline, right?

This dude, part of some dumb podcast and given to Twitter dramatics has got it all figured out. It’s not crazy! He’s positive it’s not crazy that’s for sure. Probably. According to the voices.

It’s still a conspiracy theory even if it’s about other supposed conspiracy theories, guy.

But the other one isn’t a conspiracy theory. It’s just a thing that’s happening in plain view which the people doing it have both admitted to and bragged about repeatedly until it started hurting election chances and suddenly pretended it wasn’t a thing.

Sexton might need to buy a TV. Or learn to read news on the internet, not just rave lunatic theories on it.


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