This might be the most laughable comment ever made from WH Press Secretary [VIDEO]

Some of the lies that come out of the White House these days are astounding.

Today, the White House Press Secretary actually suggested the Biden is doing more to secure the border than Trump.


Karine Jean-Pierre, referring to the Trump administration, said that Trump “largely just tried to build a wall, an ineffective wall, along the border and couldn’t even finish that in four years.”

Ok first of all, Trump couldn’t finish it because he kept having problems getting the funding for the wall. Also, the left kept suing to keep the wall from being built and that took time to overcome in court. So to hit him because he couldn’t finish the wall is completely unfair.

But here’s the laughable part:

“We are doing a lot more to secure the border and could be doing even more if Republicans would stop their obstruction.”

She says they are doing a lot more than Trump? What is she even talking about. That’s completely false!

Trump had totally secured the border in 2020 through agreements with Mexico and other Latin American countries, and Biden blew it all to hell when he took office. Because of that Biden has had more illegals coming across his border than ever, since they began recording these numbers.

For Karine to suggest that they are doing more to secure the border is nothing but a bold faced lie meant to deceive the public. The facts speak way louder than the lies and anyone even remotely paying attention can see that.

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