This Ohio Sheriff says he knows how we can stop school shootings…

A sheriff in Ohio, who says his own community has had a school shooting, puts out his ideas on how to stop school shootings:

Here’s more from the NY Post:

An Ohio sheriff thinks he has a plan to stop future school shootings — by arming teachers and getting U.S. vets to patrol schools.

School employees should know how to use guns, how to identify guns and how many rounds a gun can shoot in order to protect their students from shooters, he told the outlet.

“We’re going to teach them about school shootings, what to do when someone brings a gun to the schools,” he said.

In the video he focused heavily on stopping fire drills:

Schools should also stop fire drills, Jones said, in order to ward off copycats seeking to imitate confessed Florida school shooter Nikolas Cruz, who pulled a fire alarm to create chaos before his massacre.

“We don’t need the fire drills that we have…” he said in a video posted on Facebook Thursday. “We need to put armed personnel in schools, we need to look at metal detectors.”

He says at the end of the video that Veterans would be a good resource for guarding schools, especially since it would be a good way to support them anyway:

Retired military veterans should patrol local school buildings to help cops protect students, he said.

“We need to be prepared. This is not going to stop or go away,” Jones said. “The copycats are coming. Maybe we need like a czar of school safety for the whole United States or the state of Ohio.”

“We got to do it now while people are talking about it and we can make it happen,” he added.

I think he has some good ideas here. But unfortunately the gun control crowd doesn’t seem much like it’s up for good ideas. It sounds like to me they just want to ban AR-15s.

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