DeSantis Video Migrant Crisis

This POWERFUL Ron DeSantis video says it all. Which is why libs/MSM flip out. They hate TRUTH more than anything.

To the liberal and mainstream media vampires feeding on the American soul, sunlight has the same effect it does on regular vampires. It burns them.

It’s holy water. It’s kryptonite, if you prefer. They hate the truth and they despise mere mortals having access to it — to information at all.

That’s what makes them fear Ron DeSantis so much. Because he doesn’t fear them. Because he tells the truth. Because he gets the facts out. Because he exposes them.

If you are somehow still friends with a Democrat, a liberal, or just some average Jane who drinks MSM Kool-Aid … ask them to watch this. Beg them to if necessary.

And now that they’ve watched it, make them answer for it, answer to it. See what they can say in defense of making DeSantis the bad guy and Biden the good guy.

I bet they can’t say a word.

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