This was EASILY the best Super Bowl ad, and the message is pro-life. ‘Her life won’t be easy, but it will be amazing.’

A fun project today will be watching liberals on social media trying to pretend not to know this ad was pro-life, or why conservatives are enamored of it.

Toyota’s ‘Upstream’ ad features 13-time paralympic gold medal winner Jessica Long. It’s powerful, emotional, creative, visually gripping… just fantastically well done in every way.

It begins with a phone call in the past, as Long swims through her own life story.

The call is to tell her parents that the child they are adopting, Jessica, has been born with a rare condition that will require her legs being amputated.

“I know this is difficult to hear,” you hear from the call. “Her life, it won’t be easy.”

The mother replies, “It might not be easy, but it will be amazing. I can’t wait to meet her.”

Libs pretend not to understand that this is a pro-life message. It is THE pro-life message. It’s not just about adopting someone disadvantaged. It’s about the human spirit, the intrinsic value of a human being. That life is worth living, even when it’s hard, even when you know in advance it is going to be hard.

That’s why you choose life. It’s not about hard or easy. It’s about the human soul’s right to exist. To live and make their own choices and survive and thrive.

Which is why the add is also a reminder to me about how soft most Americans are. Crying about minor inconveniences day after day, whimpering about mean words or mean team names.

Life is worth living and preserving. And it’s worth some perseverance, too.

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