“this…is…evil.” Ted Cruz is ALL of us reacting to Pfizer CEO’s scary dystopian SNITCH pills

This is evil. This…is…evil. That’s how Ted Cruz wrote it in a tweet that speaks for everyone with any remaining sense of self-preservation or concept of individual liberty and freedom.

What he was reacting to was a video and quote of Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla talking to the elites at Davos about his dream of “compliance,” soon to be realized through his company’s latest tech nightmare: snitch pills.

That’s not what he called them. But that’s what they are. Ingestible pills with “a tiny chip that send a wireless signal to relevant authorities when the pharmaceutical has been digested.”

“Imagine the compliance.”

Evil. Terrible. Authoritarian.

All the favorite things of the global elite ruling class.

Every day is a new horror.


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