Thomas Sowell: Obama may get reelected

Towards the end of this interview, Hannity asks Thomas Sowell to weigh in on Obama’s chances at getting reelected given his performance on the economy and foreign policy. Sowell says that it’s completely possible for Obama to get reelected given how FDR got reelected under similar circumstances. He says that Republicans cannot be complacent believing that beating Obama is a done deal:

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82 thoughts on “Thomas Sowell: Obama may get reelected

  1. We are
    Thirteen months away and the media has us down already to two candidates and both are weak and the Liberals know it…We are allowing them to narrow this field and what will we have then? How do I know this? 2007 is how I know this, same thing, different characters for the most part…They want Romney for the very last because they know many Christian Conservatives will stay home. You cannot expect them to vote for someone who’s faith is question by the greater majority of Christians, They simply won’t do it, many stayed home because of McCain for his political beliefs…We’re shooting ourselves in the foot by allowing the media lead us around…Best start thinking this over very carefully, because we don’t have a backup plan and Obama does?

    1. I think we are really going to have to bite our tongues and unify to beat the obama in 12. Please take a look at Gingrich. Great mind, wppears to have moral courage. Good analyisis

  2. Wow! I’ve been reading Thomas Sowell’s book “Basic Economics” and all I can think is that the author is not fully thinking things through. While there are many good points, on most of them I’m left thinking “and then what will happen?” I haven’t given up on the book yet, but I can see the dust of antiquated ideas flying off of every page.

    1. I have the book on my desk beside me. So, I know you say ”every page” but let’s hear one example – complete with page number – of something not being thought through where unintended consequences would bring his whole argument crashing down.

      1. As I said, I’m only about a third of the way into the book, but how about chapter three for instance, where he talks about rent control? His points about how rent control policies can create housing shortages, about how they can skew investment in new construction toward the higher end market, and how such policies can diminish landlords’ incentive to maintain properties appear to be very well reasoned. There are many good points in this book and it continues to give me food for thought.

        However, as I was reading this chapter I also found myself asking questions like: Could it be that there is a greater benefit to a city by being able to accommodate a lower end workforce, thus enabling more businesses and the economic activity they generate to remain? Aren’t there costs, both economic and social, when a neighborhood loses a sense of community, and families are forced apart due to income disparities? Do rent control laws work at all toward preservation of some beautiful older buildings, by actually encouraging tenants to improve their space without fear of their rent being increased for doing so? And after looking into it more I learned that modern rent control policies aren’t typically practiced in such absolute terms as Thomas Sowell portrays.

        I’m just an average Joe trying to learn about Economics, and I bought this book in good faith without any knowledge of who Thomas Sowell is. But it seems like he is decidedly presenting one side with (so far) little or no mention of environmental sustainability, antisocial incentives inherent in desire for profit, and long term solutions to pressing problems beyond bringing products to consumers. He is a champion of efficiency and I am learning from him to that end. But I suppose if we were all able to give up eating and sleeping we would be even more efficient, but no longer human.

        1. ”Could it be that there is a greater benefit to a city by being able to accommodate a lower end workforce, thus enabling more businesses and the economic activity they generate to remain?”

          Well of course there is – but the point of the chapter is to show that rent controls don’t do that. Thomas Sowell goes to lengths to point out that intentions do not equal results. So, putting a maximum price on rent actually resulted in mass homelessness – the exact opposite of accommodating a lower end workforce. I’m sure, as you say, there are costs when a neighbourhood loses a sense of community due to being forced apart by income disparities but only if that disparity is one where there are the wealthy and there are the poor – and in reality, the problem there isn’t the disparity, it’s the poverty. The free market system is the best system for eliminating poverty bar none. That’s not to say there will be no poor, but look at western Europes (capitalist) poor in comparison to eastern Europes (socialist) poor, or South Korea vs North Korea. As Mark Steyn rightly says, our poor suffer from obesity and type 2 diabetes.

          I agree with you that Thomas Sowell doesn’t concentrate on environmental sustainability etc, but then that is beyond the scope of a book on economics, though you could argue that once concerns regarding the environment become of a certain importance (ie things have deteriorated to a certain level) to those living in that environment then enviornmentally friendly products would be in demand and therefore profitable.

          We mustn’t fall into the leftist mantra that profit is all evil. Remember profit is what happens when (generally) a product that someone wants is sold at a price they are happy to pay for it. Profit is a pretty good indicator that an economy is producing things it’s citizens want. If the environment turns to crap and it’s not profitable to clean it up – then it’s pretty obvious that cleaning up the environment is not high on the citizens agenda.

          1. Fair enough on your point that it was indeed the point of the chapter, and I get that the prevailing view of economists is that long term rent control measures tend to be counterproductive. But there are reasons municipalities have looked to ensure affordable housing, and Thomas Sowell makes no mention of more palpable remedies such as second-generation rent control policies. I committed to a 600 page book called “Basic Economics”, and am disappointed to find it is written from a narrow perspective.

            We should probably hash the rest out over a beer, but I do want to point out that I was not claiming that “profit is all evil”. I’m a small business owner. I just find it disingenuous that the author speaks to “intentions vs. results”, yet he pays little mind to the adverse incentives a free market can create.

            1. ”We should probably hash the rest out over a beer…”

              Hehe – you are probably right. But as I live in the UK it wouldn’t make economical sense for at least one of us! I believe that is chapter 12 🙂

  3. Thomas Sowell is pure genius. ‘Basic Economics’ by Thomas Sowell should be compulsory reading in every western high school.

      1. Hey, thanks for the pointer – I hadn’t heard of that book, just did a quick look up and ordered it on Amazon. 🙂

  4. Mr Sowell makes a good point. Do not discount Obama. Facts and circumstances can and do change. Remember about 1991, right after Bush defeated Saddam and freed Kuwait. He was on top of the world. He couldn’t lose. But 18 months later he lost to Clinton.

    The FDR comparison was more related to the unemployment rate issue, not today’s media sources. Its freqeuntly been said that presidential elections are impacted by the unemployment rate, among many other things. So, I think he was addresssing that aspect.

  5. First of all, never say never. In 2008, I lost several bets. I didn’t feel good about McCain but given Obama’s qualifications, or rather lack of, I felt there was no way. But here’s the difference now, other than what’s already been stated regarding the internet and alternate news sources; Obama was a pig in a poke in ’08. He is no longer that. And his much alluded to oration skills have taken a big hit due his love affair with the teleprompter. His last campaign counted heavily on the stupidity of his target. While part of his target is still stupid, the ones that count; the independents, are not. Bottom line; only the stupid will vote for him again. Only the stupid will perpetuate this farce simply because of his half-black skin. If he wins again, we deserve whatever destruction he and his dream up again.

  6. I think Thomas Sowell is absolutely correct. We are not assured of an Obama loss. Obama has already begun to make Congress irrelevant and is working through regulation to make what he wants happen. Add to this the Occupy movement that destabilizes the country and the risk of foreign powers off our shores and we’ve got people looking for stabilization either by suspending elections &/or setting up a form of dictatorship.

  7. If the like of ACORN, and the Tides Foundation promoting voter fraud, and Panthers at the polls,the margin of cheating will be difficult to overcome, no matter how strong a candidate the right has,this next victory must be so profound, as to set the progressive agenda back a decade.Herman Cain, You The Man!

  8. I agree with him that “Republicans cannot be complacent believing that beating Obama is a done deal.” Go after The Obamanation with everything you have.

  9. Thomas Sowell is a brilliant man and absolutely correct. Without Palin in the race Obama may well be with us as POTUS until 2016.

    If you don’t want that to happen EVERYONE must vote ABO – Anyone but Obama!

    1. I think he will be as easy to unseat, as it is easy to take the trash out to the curb on Friday morning.

  10. “He says that Republicans cannot be complacent believing that beating Obama is a done deal”

    He is soooooooooo right. Don’t let the polls fool you. Obama is a ruthless political animal who will do anything to get re-elected. If Mr. Plastic is the nominee they will barbecue him on his Mormonism.

    Hope and Perry.

  11. Of course obama might get reelected . Because you have the DC establishment and the Government controlled MSM cleverly controlling who will become the Republican nominee. There are true Conservative candidates out there who are more than capable of beating obama in a landslide . But of course or should I say , *Conveniently 😉 * don’t want to run . Otherwise , obama would have no chance ever to be reelected . This is all being done by Design .

  12. Perhaps I’m too negative. But I don’t see how Pres. Obama loses.

    He and his machine will destroy any candidate the GOP puts up. Run a against a “do nothing” congress, blame Bush, lower gas prices using the strategic reserve, play with the unemployment numbers, etc. Just enough to win. It will work well enough.

    Romney gets the nomination – they’ll blur the differences. Perry – will be painted as extreme. Cain – will have too little experience (I know – funny, right?).

    “The sky is blue.”

    Obama says it – he’s brilliant.
    Perry (or another) says it and somehow he’s lying.

    Wash, rinse, repeat.

    1. He loses by receiving less electoral votes. He loses by receiving less popular votes too.

      He loses because he is a socialist/communist. This is still the USA and we do not knowingly vote for commies here. No freakin’ way he wins this time. He fooled the fools once…that’s the only chance he gets.

      His campaign cash will be just about as effective as that half a billion was for Solyndra. He needs to declare whether he be white, wheat or rye, cuz he’s definitely, toast.

      1. The majority of people I talk to (tea party types excepted) recoil when I try to objectively point out he is a Marxist and his policies are designed with intent to bring down the Nation, even those adamantly against him.

        People just do not want to believe it could happen in America. It is an alternate reality for them. People hear what they want to hear.

        It is the cabal that put him in place that will remain just as dangerous, or more so. Who of the elephant suitors will stand as President against that?

        1. What will O’ give as reasons for reelection? His stats suck, regardless of which metric or category one uses to judge them and him. What can he tout? How loud can he shout? Will he simply pout? He’s got no clout.

          Money schmoney. No, it’s anyone but O’ this time. Older Americans, the fastest growing demographic, who may have traditionally voted democrat for sundry reasons, know what a socialist is. They know what crushing debt is. They can read an unemployment graph as well as understand the hard numbers. Yes, we have a lot of lunatics in this country but we also have Americana itself. We have many, many positive ‘isms’. The isms of the left are still repugnant to most.

          The reason we need a great nominee is to twist the political knife. We can’t beat this guy by 2 points. We need to wipe the Great Plains with him. Kick him off a mountain top or two. He needs his ass whoooped from Bangor to Belaire. An historic landslide is what I’m expecting. A mere two point win would knock me off my chair. I yet, refuse to believe, that my fellow countrymen and women will make the same mistake twice, especially after witnessing the results of the first.

          Take it for granted? Certainly not. Have faith in my fellowman? Yep.

  13. Obama could get re-elected, if Republican primary voters keep letting Establishment types tell them they have to settle for an anointed frontrunner before even one delegate has been selected.

  14. Reagan turned the electoral map red not because he was anybody-but-Carter, but because he stoked and fanned the core American values of freedom and liberty wherever he went, whenever he spoke. There is no Reagan for today’s Carter. The media and elephants in charge are seeing to that. We are accepting it.

  15. …Mr. Sowell is right on with his analysis of the coming election in 2012. What the American people need to defeat Pres. Obama is a distinct choice from his Socialist Agenda that is to Nominate a TEA PARTY PATRIOT CONSERVATIVE CANDIDATE to run on a platform of IDEALOGICAL REAGAN CONSERVATISM. With our CONSERVATIVE CANDIDATE who can articulate and communicate the complete and utter differences from the Democratic platform.”



    1. So far, I’m for Cain, but I will take Perry over Romney. And I will take Romney over Obama, or any nutjob that can string together a sentence over Obama, to be specific.

  16. Call me cynical or a conspiracy nut, but I still think dear leader and a whole lot of powerful people pulling the strings will do whatever they can to get him to stay put in the White House. Either that or they will destroy the country as much as they can to get it to happen. I wouldn’t put anything past these people.

  17. Thomas Sowell and Rush Limbaugh were the two most influential figures that pulled me out of an uninformed, liberal stupor in my early 20’s. I have a profound respect for this man. His new book is fantastic. I recommend it to everyone.

  18. It is said that Americans vote with their pocketbooks (wallets). If that’s the case, then he will be a one-term President. The only question then is will the new President really do the right things to truly get the country moving in the right direction again. That is yet to be seen.

    1. The country has been moving in the same growth trajectory under every President since Reagan – left and massive.

      Which of elephant candidates have stood up to say we must reverse course and dramatically and immediately start to shrink and dismantle the Central Government that is destroying the Republic?

      Unless we the people stand as strongly against the RNC as we did against this marxist regime, it will continue in that direction in 2013, Obama or ABO.

      1. You are correct but it’s not just the RNC. The marxists socialists democrats have been doing that since FDR.

        The only true hope for the US is Ron Paul but we all know the sheeple of this country would never elect someone like that. When the system totally collapses they’ll be the first ones saying “how could this have happened” when they’re the ones who’ve allowed to happen.

        Yes you are correct in that we have to stand strongly but I seriously doubt that will happen.

        1. Paul has failed to adapt to the circumstance. As Judge Napolitano has shown, it is quite possible to ease into libertarian concepts, and people are getting it.

          The left did this well. After Truman, we no longer saw nor heard of a Progressive, Socialist or Labor candidate. They even manged to bring the communists and marxists into their coalition.

  19. I agree with Sowell that the Republicans cannot be complacent toward Obama, but that’s as far as it goes.

    As long as there is the internet (which Obama and his henchmen would DEARLY love to control), sites like The Right Scoop, people like Andrew Breitbart, Glenn Beck and Matt Drudge to expose him as the sham and fraud he really is, Obama will get his skinny Democratic butt kicked in 2012.

      1. I agree, las1. Look at our last federal election in Canada-al the polls told us that there was going to be an NDP surge and look at the majority the Conservatives got in the end. In the US, every vote is going to count and no matter who is against Obama (pray it isn’t Romney), everyone who wants to see him defeated is going to have to do more than say it, they will have to vote him out….use the Internet the way Obama did in ’08 to reach all who can be reached.

    1. The polling wasn’t around in FDR’s time. If the majority of polls say Obama is done, running against any republican, it’s curtains for the Chicago crackpot. He’s going to get rolled up like his favorite college smoke come next election. We just have to put the best we can in there. Forget Romney- the Obama mimicker; we can damn well do better than that obamacare originator.

  20. Obama has presented the Nation with a forged Birth Certificate that he refuses to allow the forensic examination of.

    This despite the fact that “expert after expert” have declared the alleged Long Form Birth Certificate a likely forgery.

    Obama also has presented the Nation with a Social Security Number that he has used on his tax returns and his Selective Service Registration Form.

    A Social Security Number that inexplicably was issued by a state that Obama never resided in.

    A Social Security Number that failed an e-verify system check!

    The truth is Obama was never properly vetted by Congress and does not meet the Constitutional Eligibility Requirements to be POTUS.

    What is further, given Obama’s numerous shady associations with gansters and terrorists (for example Bill Ayers, Tony Rezko) Obama could not have passed a background check that would allow him enough clearence to the scrub toliets of any self-respecting intelligence agency.

    Yet here Obama is, acting as Commander and Chief, commiting troops to war after war without Congressional authorization.

    It’s time to stop the insanity people!

    It’s time to demand a Congressional Investigation of all of Obama’s Identity Papers now!

    1. All of the above (and more) could not have been perpetrated without complicit planning and involvement of the media, both major political parties, Congress, the Judicial branch and numerous foreign powers.

      So how does removing the turtle they all put up on the post, solve anything?

  21. The FDR generation didn’t have the internet or talk radio to get pertinent information out to the citizenry. Obama is going to get rolled. Comparing the 30’s to today isn’t even apples to oranges; it’s apples to orangutans.

  22. I don’t the American public is so gullible as to repeat that mistake,but If somehow it were to happen I think you would see what REAL DAYS OF RAGE ARE ALL ABOUT!!! OBAMA and the Dems. would complete their destruction of America and I think it would be time for a REVOLUTION that would put FEAR into every politicians heart!!! It would be time to wake up and realize that this government has failed and our politicians are nothing but self-serving scumbags!!!

          1. Of course he will. The democrats always utilize fraud. Fraud is practically O’s middle name. Where have you been?

          2. …do not fear ALL because we out number them by at least 10 to 1 NOVEMBER 2012 will be a GIGANTIC VICTORIOUS LANDSLIDE for the TEA PARTY PATRIOTS .”

          3. I hope for my friends sake across the pond that he doesn’t, but the left have a history of election fraud.

            1) In the UK, it is a well documented fact that people living in large cities are more likely to vote to the left (Labour) whilst people living outside large cities are more likely to vote to the right (Conservative). As the flow of people is generally from the cities to the suburbs and beyond this tendancy has meant that an inner city MP represents less and less of a percentage of the population as time goes on in comparison to his countryside peers. Unless the boundaries are regularly checked and balanced the advantage to the left becomes – well, as it is today after 13 years of a Labour government that turned a blind eye as a matter of policy. In the UK today, if the same amount of people vote Labour as vote Conservative, the Labour party take the house with a massive majority. Basicially a Labour MP in a constituency of 50k people has the same weight in the commons as a Conservative MP in a constituency of 100k.

            2) Again, it is well documented that newly arrived migrants to the UK are more likely to vote Labour. The Labour party, surprise surprise, ran an open door immigration policy that not only demographically changed the country for ever but also swelled their voter numbers.

            3) Many of the newly arrived British citizens came from countries with a history of electoral corruption. Postal voting – which had always been for people incapable of leaving the house to vote and which is open to fraud – was rolled out as an option for everyone (including the newly arrived migrants from countries with a history of electoral corruption) under the last Labour government. As a result there have been many cases of voting irregularity in immigrant communities, often using postal voting and always benefitting the Labour party:


            I know this is the UK and what happens here won’t necessarily happen your side of the pond but my guess is it will do. Do you think a mass legitimizing of illegal immigrants would benefit the pro open borders Democrats or the strong borders Republicans?

            1. Your post was really interesting. It helps one see that the left really has systematically altered the electorate AND the voting process for advantage. It will be an uphill battle to save our countries from these self-serving monsters.

    1. The majority of citizens are probably gullible enough to think a big government progressive like say, Romney, will do anything significant to reverse the destruction of the Republic.

      It is going to take MASSIVE immediate cuts in the size and power of the Central Government to even start us on a path back to liberty and prosperity. Part of me says it will take much more pain before the majority of Americans wake up to the reality that their government is not ours, that it is our enemy.

  23. Nothing against the greatest generation, but I do think the electorate is better informed today with electronic media and such. Back then, you had the 6 o’clock world news and that was it. Tough to see another side to the story. Great respect for Mr. Sowell, I just pray he is wrong.

    1. …prayer does work DebbyX and in this case we need to pray twice as hard because we are dealing with REAL EVIL .

      GOD BLESS THE U.S.A. and all the TEA PARTY PATRIOTS .”

        1. We are all equal in the eyes of God. So, we cannot pray away the freewill of others.

          Gods children elected Obama and God watched them do it. That’s freewill in action.

          1. Well I say, God has given us the tools, weapons and the grace to be free. What we do with that, is up to us.

            1. I agree. I don’t think God would get directly involved in our politics being what they are. We have God-given tools and the enemies of civility and good have Satan-given tools. The problem, IMHO, is that Satan owns the dirt we live on and, thus, has a political advantage. Prayer never hurts, though!

          2. Absolutley correct, and many of those helped that happen by not voting because they didn’t like McCain.
            I begged people to reconsider their non vote and their outright vote for BO. The first time I spoke with a Spirit filled woman who was promoting BO I was in such shock. I could not believe my ears.
            There is a Scripture (it escapes me at the moment) where God does say the people have put in charge men He did not approve. (bad paraphrasing, sorry).
            So, for those who think God will put in His choice, please understand He never overrides the human will.

        2. I prayed so hard before the 2008 election, but after losing, I realized that perhaps this was God’s way of showing all American’s just what can happen to this country in the hands of such a radical administration. And I suspect if God has his way, we will never see another radical administration for at least a generation.

    2. The greatest generation is not strongly at play here. They gave us a shot with Reagan and we blew it. It is now the 60’s generation at play, which has given us the aging marxists who run the schools, media and government, which in turn gave use a few generations of the brainwashed and morally numb. But indeed, they have also given us the internet.

      Without the internet, Hussein would have been able to deal America its death blow in his first term. He could have done it with a Pelosi controlled House. It was only the tea party movement’s impact in the 2010 elections that stopped him.

      But the internet has little effect on who the local, state and national Republican party will support and who they feed into their sausage maker. Sharon Angle is the perfect example of the Republicans willing sacrifice one of their own if it would force them too far off the progressive agenda.

      But where is the tea party movement now? It’s two greatest champions in the hunt for president have been abandoned and marginalized.

      I do not underestimate the power of the media, TV and the entertainment industry which have as much to lose in this election as the unions, Soros and Hussein themselves. Fox has turned decidedly progressive and biased in its coverage of government lawlessness, constitutional issues and tea party values.

      The battle has just begun.

    3. If you view the electorate as herd animals who want nothing more than to feel good about their country, political party, elected officials, government and
      themselves then Obama is the candidate of the Democrats and 40-50% of the independent voters.

      Obama is the consummate liar and he will tell enough people exactly what they want to hear just as he did in 2008. His re-election will be easier than most people are thinking right now.

      I can see the anger from voters on this site and on others. But what I’m not seeing is a coalition of sites or political groups uniting in an effort to dethrone these miscreant Progressives.

      There is support for the re-election of Progressive members of Congress, the Senate, the President and even for the local Dog Catcher.

      Never underestimate the power of the herd.

    4. I hope your right Debby, but 24 hour media can work against truth when much of it is dedicated to 24 hour propoganda.

  24. I don’t think it will be easy but with media outlets that are available today Obama has no chance. Obama is in a fish bowl and everybody can see what he is about. BTW I would not pay any attention to the polls. Those are to only shape public opinion. Look at results. Obamas results are what they are and they belong to him. Raise come Cain in 2012!

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