Those “environmentally friendly” takeout bowls are WORSE for the environment, and POISON people!

Holy moly. It is absolutely incredible to me how often this keeps happening:

According to experts consulted for this story, all molded fiber bowls contain PFAS, or per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, a broad class of more than 4,000 fluorinated compounds that do not biodegrade naturally in the environment. This means that the bowls used at restaurants like Chipotle and Sweetgreen aren’t truly compostable, as has been claimed. Instead, they are likely making compost more toxic, adding to the chemical load of the very soil and water they were supposed to help improve. And rather than degrade quickly, they contain potentially hazardous ingredients that never break down. Not in five years, and not in 500.

So those “environmentally friendly” bowls are actually WORSE than the crap they replaced!!!!! I just.. I just don’t know what to say. It’s so mind-numbingly stupid.


The New Food Economy tested fiber bowls from 14 locations of 8 different New York City restaurants, including multiple outposts of Chipotle, Dig Inn (which has since changed its name to Dig), and Sweetgreen. All of the samples tested contained high levels of fluorine, which experts including Notre Dame chemist Graham Peaslee, who conducted the testing, say indicates treatment with PFAS compounds. These powerful compounds are what allow these bowls to hold hot, wet, and greasy food, which would quickly destroy any untreated paper product. PFAS is what keeps your lunch from falling into your lap.



The public health implications of this finding are not yet clear. The very worst PFAS chemicals are linked to a range of serious health outcomes, from colitis and thyroid disorders to kidney and testicular cancers, and have been mostly phased out of production in the U.S. These bowls are more likely to contain newer varieties that are just as persistent in the environment and are of grave concern to scientists, but have not been studied as closely for potential health effects.

Un-effing-believable. Great job, idiots.

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69 thoughts on “Those “environmentally friendly” takeout bowls are WORSE for the environment, and POISON people!

  1. So part of the problem is people like to complain, but not come up with solutions. You expect a company to do a 180 on their packaging, so they do, but turns out later what they thought was better was worse. (In UK, McDonalds changed to thick paper straw so they wouldn’t dissolve, and it turned out they were too thick to recycle.) If PEOPLE want change, then PEOPLE should be coming up with ACTUAL solutions.

    And why in the world is a paper straw too thick to recycle? Maybe the recycling companies need to rethink their ways, too? I’ve been putting old plastic shopping bags in my local recycling unit for a while, only to discover the local company doesn’t recycle them. Plastic shopping bags! But that’s what started this madness, and they won’t recycle them, so I guess they’ve been taking my “recycling” and throwing it in the trash!

  2. I can’t tell of you are attacking this product or if you are parodying the people attacking it.

    1. Ok just strolling by and needed to comment what’s with the name change @disqus_rVQObyzWM2:disqus and who’s the cute pup ?

  3. They’re banking on John q public taking what they say as truth, because it SOUNDS official.
    We here in the Rockies are experiencing ‘plastics’ in our THAT can’t be good, either.

  4. *slurp* oh sorry. I couldn’t read this article. My jumbo sized BPA plastic straw and my 96oz plastic slurpee cup got in the way. *slurp*

  5. Now watch ’em go back to the “environmentally unfriendly” cardboard (that was biodegradable) that they used to use. Full circle.

  6. Environmentalist insisted on replacing the brown paper grocery store bags because of the TREES and replacing them with plastic bags. One is very useful beyond its original purpose and biodegradable. The other has fewer uses and can be recycled but rarely is and goes to the dump.
    When you fix things that aren’t broken, you get dumb sh*t like this.

    1. I bring this up all the time. Their new “solution” is reuseable canvas bags which are breeding grounds for bacteria.

    2. Yep, now the plastic bags are clogging up drains on city streets not to mention what they are doing to critters in our rivers and oceans.

  7. Rock, trees, scissor and hammer… And I always thought that’s how they made paper plates.
    Solution to the problem is, soak the brand new plates in bacon grease, and voo’ala no more leakage, and water proof too boot.

  8. So this is as stupid as Starbucks making a straw cup which uses more plastic than the old cup and straw combo… When will Libs learn their ideas make zero sense and are more harmful to the environment than what we got today? They won’t because facts don’t matter to them.

    Unless they’re purposefully trying to give testicular cancer since abortions won’t be legal soon, so this is how they are going to control population to their liking!

  9. This is kinda like the electric cars that, y’know, need to magically recharge at the wind turbine. Oh wait no, it’s just drawing far, far more electricity fueled by fossil than just… filling your tank full of gasoline. To say nothing of the petrochemicals that go into their plastic bodies, and the environmentally apocalyptic batteries.

    But they were well-intentioned, so…

    1. And the fact that those batteries are insanely expensive and need to be replaced if you keep the car more than a few years. But they don’t care about that because they just throw out the old electric care and get a new one to continue the destructive cycle. It’s all worth it though because you can see how much they care because they drive an electric car.

        1. Holy cow that is hilarious! Hard to think you’re saving the world from the evil use of fossil fuels when they hook up to that station. While they’re probably too stupid too realize it, the laws of energy exchange make the charging of the station less efficient than if someone just poured the diesel into a combustion engined vehicle.

      1. I remember when cars were made of steel. HAHA. Now that darn plastic comes along and we’re no longer safe in our cars.

  10. These people are idiots! If they’re all about the environment and don’t embrace nuclear power, then they’re all fakes.

  11. Don’t know where these were make, but buyer beware: I NEVER use anything made in China for cooking or eating- NOTHING.

  12. How many times have we heard that the cure is worse than the disease because know-it-alls charge ahead without thinking things through? They never seem to learn, do they? Their arrogance knows no bounds.

  13. Why is this site so terrible with ads popping up all over the place? Anybody else getting this too?

    1. Using VPN will stop most ads plus gives you security on public WiFi plus hiding searches through data encryption. About $30.00 a year.

        1. You want a good conservative site, you put up with the ads or become a monthly financial supporter and all of the ads but those required by DISQUS will stop. Blame the left and the big Internet controllers trying to silence conservative voices and put sites like this one out of business.

  14. This is nothing new, I used to sell solo cups who at the time made both styrofoam and paper cups. They sent out a CYA saying not to say the paper were more environmentally sound than the styrofoam but to sell them on perceived environmental benefit, Then promptly listed that the paper had more plastics in them than the styrofoam not to mention three time the energy to produce.

    Even with the figures from the manufacturer the religious zealots would not listen. Environmentalism has never been about saving the world but control of others.

  15. This is exactly why the “do something” crowd are so stupid. They always end up creating more problems than they solve, because in the end they don’t really care. They just want to look like they care and say at least they “did something.” Everything’s always a virtue signal.

    1. You nailed it. Looking like you care is the most important thing in the world to these idiots who generally leave a wake of destruction with their virtue signaling. This article being a perfect example. I always love to see how a park looks the next day after an Earth Day event, their hypocrisy is there for everyone to see.

  16. I read once how someone dug into a landfill and found newspaper that was still readable from the ’50s. Nothing degrades in a landfill except food waste, which produces the methane you see burned off at most of them. A few sites have started using the methane for power, though.

  17. Just one more screw up by the do it without proper testing and checking long range consequences crowd. All it takes is a few nutters screaming do something and away they go. It won’t stop. There is no cure for stupid.

  18. I live in CA where straws are “outlawed”, but it’s really just how some business (SB) choose to interpret the law and how they explain it to their “partners”. One So Cal SB in my neighborhood, refuses to give a regular lid and straw, even if you ask for it. I questioned the girl at the drive through and she told me they were just “following the law.” I asked her, what does the law say? “That we can’t give out straws.” I told her, she needed to look up the law and in the mean time I explained what the law says, that sit down restaurants are only allowed to give out plastic straws upon request. It says nothing about the extreme measures that SB has taken to force customers like me, an adult, to drink out of a sippie cup. Now, please give me a straw!

    1. LOL!!! Well, joyful, you can TRY to educated the sheep but if her boss told her “no straws” it is almost guaranteed it is because he wants to save the money instead of buying straws….and then they give you 2-dozen Heinz Catsup packets for a small fry, no napkins (must be a shortage), tea in a Styrofoam cup, soy TVP tacos and a burger steaming away in a plastic box made with PCBs, PFAs and other chemicals…oh well, we’ve all got to die of something.

  19. You mean my going to Chipotle did absolutely nothing for the planet and in fact made things worse?? I am so sorry Plant Earth!

    This goes to show that the harder we try to “save the planet”, the more we work at destroying it and ourselves in the process. The Planet is big enough to take care of itself.

    1. …and that government is utterly worthless in regulating anything at all…some company pitches something that sounds good to a legislator, along with “some Benjamins” and it becomes law. This is why we need less government interference in all things, other than protecting our nation from all enemies, both foreign and domestic.

  20. Containers should be from paper with no other binders or glass (bottles), like it was in the olden days before the EnvironmentILL-ists said we had to move to plastic to save trees and prevent breakage. Now look where we are! What comes around goes around and it is all utterly insane.

  21. These are the same people that make us carry bags for our groceries and want us to use paper straws! It really REALLY sucks here in california!!!

    1. Oh, we’re so beyond “sucks”. Ruled by gray suited, I know whats best for the servants, TYRANNICAL (D&R) pigs. Only in seats of power because of idiot, very low informed, electorate. Shameful and dangerous.

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