“Those places to mail your ballots” – Joe Biden literally forgot the word for ‘mailboxes’ when trying to describe them

While trying to push the conspiracy theory that Trump was stealing mailboxes, Biden literally forgot the word for mailboxes while trying to describe them:

“Those places to mail your ballots.” Yeah, those thingies you put mail in.

Seriously though, I don’t want to be too hard on the guy. But he wants to be president and he’s clearly having some old age issues.

Here’s another one where Biden was stumbling over his words:

Biden didn’t just have old age issues, he had honesty issues too. Here he is lying about Trump’s response to the China virus, claiming that NO ONE WOULD HAVE DIED if Trump had done his job or something:

Absolutely absurd.

Here’s Biden admitting that he doesn’t think the Green New Deal goes too far:

That’ll be in a Trump ad for sure.

In another clip, when Biden thought the cameras weren’t rolling, his social distancing went out the window:

Here’s Biden being a condescending prick to a woman who voted for Trump in 2016:

She played it off nicely and kept going.

Biden then interrupted this same woman while she was still asking her question, who quickly put him back in his place:

You can bet this woman will be a target for the left tonight and tomorrow because she wouldn’t let Biden interrupt her question. They’ll ‘Joe the Plumber’ her, I guarantee it.

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