Thousands of state workers resign or fired over vaccine mandate in Washington State

The vaccine mandate is taking its toll on Washington State, with nearly 2,000 already fired or resigned over the unconscionable vaccine mandate:

DC EXAMINER – About 1,900 state workers in Washington reportedly either resigned or were fired by Tuesday, according to the state’s Office of Financial Management. That’s about 3% of the state’s workers.

Another 1,900 were allowed to work in a less public role, and 2,900 workers’ employment statuses are being determined, the Seattle Times reported.

Across social media, first responders employed by the state are taking resignation announcements on their own terms, with some even going viral with the hashtag #StopTheMandate.

The Examiner posted several TikTok videos of first responders and law enforcement explaining why they are now out of a job due to the vaccine mandate:

“I was hired in January 2020,” said one firefighter in a video that has garnered more than 227,000 “likes” on TikTok. “All I know as a career firefighter is this pandemic. I’ve cared for COVID patients, followed all the protocols and mandates, and to my knowledge, never once exposed anyone to this virus.”

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“Due to my personal choice to take the moral stand for medical freedom and personal choice, I will be signing out of service for the last time today,” a police officer said in a TikTok with more than 496,000 “likes.” “After nearly 17 years of serving the citizens in the state of Washington, it has been an honor and privilege to work alongside all of you.”


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“I think I’m done,” another police officer in Washington state said. “Twenty-three years in the United States Army prior to this, about 10 years as a cop, and I think after all the stuff that we’ve been through, you know, the defund, the de-hate, de-motivation of cops, all the stuff that they’ve put us through, I still went to work every single day, motivated and ready to do my job.”


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