THREATS go mainstream as Dem Senator says Trump judges shouldn’t be ‘ALLOWED to sit PEACEABLY’

It’s time yet again to ask “can you imagine if a Republican said it about Democrats?” This time, it’s because Senator Chris Coons is floating literal coup talk, couching it in deceptive wording meant to give him some sliver of an “out” when he’s called out for it. But it is what it is, and what it sounds like. A THREAT.

This is how they always do it. They ease it into the conversation. They don’t dunk you right in the hot water.

Maddow asked Coons last night what Democrats who want “retribution” against Republicans because of what “they’ve done” should do to “even” things up.

Coons, who said earlier that Republicans are walking over a “dangerous precipice” began his answer by suggesting that Republicans in the House and Senate would collude to “steal” the election from Biden. Then he said that something has to be done to stop all the conservative judges out there.

“Because they’ve seen hundreds of conservative judges put on circuit courts and district courts all over the country over the last four years. In many cases, too young, too unqualified and too far right to be allowed to sit peaceably without our reexamining the process, the results and the consequences.”


“Without our reexamining” is supposed to make you think, or let him pretend, that he’s merely talking about process. But that’s not how English works and it’s definitely not how Democrats work.

So here is what happened in brief. Maddow asked about getting “retribution,” and Coons told angry liberals that Republicans will subvert the vote and steal the election, and that their judges aren’t legitimate and shouldn’t be allowed to retain their positions.

He said that either the system changes to prevent these judges from sitting, or they’ll make sure the judges are taken care of through NON-PEACEFUL MEANS.

That’s a threat.

And there have been hundreds of threats from the left since last night’s confirmation. They will not accept a halt to their decades of steady power seizure and personal enrichment. The pigs believe they’re more equal than the other animals and they aren’t going to let that power go quietly. And they’re saying it out loud, now.

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