Tijuana residents now calling migrant mob an INVASION

We told you last week that some Tijuana residents weren’t all that happy to see the migrant mob from Honduras arriving at the border where they live. Well as a few more days have gone by, the patience of the residents of Tijuana has grown more thin and now they are protesting the migrants, even calling them invaders.


Here’s more from the Daily Caller:

Hundreds of angry residents took to the streets of downtown Tijuana on Sunday to protest the caravan of Central American migrants that has been streaming into the city in recent weeks.

Carrying Mexican flags and singing the national anthem, the demonstrators marched to a sports complex where about 2,000 of the migrants are being housed. There, held back by a wall of riot police, they denounced the mostly Honduran migrants as “criminals” and “freeloaders” who were openly flouting Mexican law.

“This is an invasion!” shouted local carpenter Luis Alexis Mendoza, according to the Los Angeles Times. “We demand respect. We demand that our laws be followed.”

“Tijuana is a city of immigrants, but we don’t want them in this way,” Tijuana Mayor Juan Manuel Gastelum said in an interview with Milenio Television on Thursday. “It was different with the Haitians, they carried papers, they were in order. It wasn’t a horde, pardon the expression.”

Wow, this guy sounds like Trump! After all, that’s basically what Trump is saying. There’s a right way and a wrong way to come and we don’t want them this way either.

Interestingly, Tijuana is begging Mexican officials to do something about this horde – the same Mexican officials that let them through the border in the first place.

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