Tim Ryan tells CNN why he doesn’t advertise that he’s a Democrat [VIDEO]

Democratic Senator Tim Ryan, who is running against JD Vance for the Senate in Ohio, revealed to CNN why he’s not advertising that he’s a Democrat.

The question was put to Ryan by CNN reporter Manu Raju, who asked “You don’t advertise you’re a Democrat. Is that because it’s an explicit recognition that it’s a liability here?”

Ryan responded “Yeah. Well, I mean the Democratic brand, as we know, as you and I have talked about this for a long time, is not good in a lot of these places.”

Yeah, imagine that. Biden has made being a Democrat so toxic that one of their favorite sons in the Senate is trying to conceal his true identity as a Biden Democrat.

I checked the polling in Ohio and there have only been three polls since June and in all of them, JD Vance is leading by +3 or +5. In fact the latest one is by Trafalgar, from a couple of weeks ago, and that’s the one that shows Vance +5 over Ryan, which means Vance’s lead has likely grown a little since June. A good sign for November.

So Hidin’ Ryan can keep trying to deceive people but Ohioans are clearly not stupid. And I’m sure Vance isn’t letting him get away with this deception either.

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