Time Magazine cover features two gay couples kissing

The new Time covers state that “Gay Marriage has already won”, suggesting that America has already accepted it. Here is my censored version of the offensive covers:


If you wanna see below the blur you are more than welcome too, but as you can probably tell one features two women kissing and the other features two men kissing. Honestly it’s disgusting to me, especially the latter. Click at your own risk.

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128 thoughts on “Time Magazine cover features two gay couples kissing

  1. I love how ignorant these people are. You plead that we are all god’s children and our sins can be repented but aren’t you ignoring one of god’s commandments. 
    IT IS LOVE THY NEIGHBOR, NOT Love thy neighbor unless, they are gay, have tattoos, eat pork, eat shell fish, marry a different race to that of which they are. God has no hatred for his children. He loves us. As long as we are happy and healthy and are good people with good morals, why does it matter.
    What matters is your bigotry and hate. Peace and love, God’s love is limitless, without boundaries and teaches us to love with our eyes close, rather than, “Oh gee, this person is loving and thoughtful but, oh no, That must mean I’m gay… Better go and live a lie for my eternity. Make promises to someone I can’t fully love…” Seriously, Grow up and stop being so ignorant. God loves me and who ever I may Marry. I know he will watch over my life. Stop spreading hate with his name attached it’s his followers who decided all that hate and were dammed to hell.

    You’re old enough to drive, you should be mature enough to say “well, God has it in mind for this child to be FABULOUS and live happily ever after.” 

    Don’t preach hate in your churches, One day you will realize what your ignorance has destroyed in this world.

    1. ShontaiSimic Your argument is that of a shallow thinker vomiting talking points learned in the culture. You have no real understanding of what you profess. Nowhere in the bible does it say we are to ignore our neighbor’s and fellow man’s sins in order to love them. Shall I ignore murder in order to love a murderer then? You have a warped and twisted view of what love is. Love is truth, and yes sometimes the truth can hurt. It always hurts to have one’s failings brought into the light of day.
      Are you happy? Really? It may seem so on the surface for the moment but it is not a happy that builds anything. Healthy is highly debatable. Your lifestyle and world view preclude health.
      It is not bigotry to disagree. That is an emotional argument with no basis in reality or fact. Please look up the word bigotry and it’s proper application. Just as you are twisting God’s word you are also twisting the English language. God’s love is limitless but it does have boundaries hence the reason we have what is known as Hell or Heaven aka eternal life. We also have quite the list of do’s and don’ts along with the Ten Commandments so to say God’s love doesn’t have boundaries is absurd. I know of no one condemning anyone to hell for being a homosexual. If they are I trust in God and he will take care of them. God tells us homosexuality is an abomination but in the end he will decide who gets into heaven and who doesn’t. Who is doing the condemning? Or is that yet another emotional assumption you have taken from the culture and projected? It appears so. Ironically you complain and cry about condemnation yet you are quite guilty of that yourself. So if you want to quote the bible and God please see the New Testament and what he said about ‘taking the plank out of thine own eye before examining the splinter in mine’. And on that note please see what he said in NT about eating shrimp etc. There is a reason Christians eat shrimp, pork, etc. Christ changed a few things. Jews and Muslims don’t believe in Christ so nothing has changed for them hence the reason they eat Halal and Kosher. Please don’t try and learn religion from Jack Black.

      God may love you and whoever you marry but that doesn’t mean God approves of your choices. As a parent I can say I love all of my children unconditionally but that I also don’t approve of all of their choices either. I didn’t stop loving them even for a second when disciplining them. God doesn’t either. That is a reflection of God and his love. Homosexuals will never understand that reflection because their union cannot reproduce unto itself.

      Your whole rant is ignorant and childish to say the least and in reality it really sounds like you are trying to convince yourself of your choices and justify them. And being old enough to drive has absolutely nothing to do with it. You might be old enough to be potty trained but that doesn’t mean you have judgment or wisdom.
      And last you went from screaming about bigotry to screaming about hate in the churches. Once again that is an emotional argument with no basis in reality or fact. It is not hateful to preach what the bible says nor is it hateful to disagree. To think otherwise is ignorant and shallow and the argument of someone who is out of intellectual ammo or never had any to begin with.

  2. I am truely sick of all of this, we are close to war quit screwing around and pay attention to what we might loose. I dont care about gays, we dont need to know who is gay who isnt dont you all see what the president is trying to do, hes trying to get us all against each other, blacks against whites , gays against nongays etc it weakens our country and its doing just that. The main thing is we need to be together and fight for our country. We need to get Obama out of office along with his 150 or so people that he is paying to do his crap. We need a real president and we need our country back. Go back to the old ways, care about one another. And you know I dont care that Obama is gay either I just want to have someone black/white/gay/nongay/ fat/thin/tall/short to truely care about spending and about protecting our country, we dont need to support everyone our country needs to protect us and stop throwing OUR money away. God help us all

  3. Has time forgotten that 40 of the 50 states ban gay marriage? That’s not winning nor there prediction of the future

  4. Just more in-your-face liberal bullshit.  Why do you think these liberals are so desperate to try and get rid of the Church and God?  Because they know they’re going to burn in hell and don’t want to be reminded of it daily.

        1. mdrosado tinlizzieowner PingNguyen 
          Yes, it is sad that the moral fiber of this country has gone so far downhill, isn’t it. ;-(

  5. Two covers? Whatever for? Could it be because so-called ‘homosexuals’ come in two different genders? And why might that be? Could it be because all human beings are inescapably heterosexual? Yes. Yes, it could.

  6. It shows you how the communists are succeeding in taking over education and media as designed and planned. Many far left publications were once conservative.

      1. ShontaiSimic Laurel A Do you have anything of any value to add???? I see you went and vomited nonsense all over this very old thread in order to justify your bad behavior. Now I know you homosexuals activists think you are doing good and making headway by doing this but in reality what you are showing is your desperation and ignorance. You came on here and pointed a finger at me and others and failed to realize that you have three pointing right back at you.
        You have failed to convince anyone.

  7. New reading material for the child indoctrination centers – used to be called public schools once upon a time.

  8. We’ve had this discussion over here in the UK as well, with exactly the same arguments coming from the ‘liberated’ left and from some of the homosexual community.
    Something I find very odd indeed is that this same leftie, oh-so-liberated group, which has (at least ehre in the UK) campaigned to lower the age of consent to 14, is totally up in arms against the pedophile Catholic priests. Yes, they deserve all the punishment possible – but the children they abused were of that same age which the liberated, homosexual left want to be allowed, by law, to have sex with homosexual adult males. 
    I hope you see that this again illustrates that all the guff about ‘marriage equality’ etc is aimed at crushing Christianity and Christian values.
    Ask someone in that LGBT community why they do not campaign for the homosexuals being killed in islamic countries, and why they do not attack muslims for the far more vile and violent suras in their quran, calling for homosexuals to be killed.
    You won’t get any answer – i leave it to you to puzzle out why that is!

    1. colliemum Great! post!
      I read about the age of consent laws over there but it’s been a while. How’s that progressing?

      1. stage9  
        It did not get the necessary votes in Parliament, and hasn’t been heard of since. People all over the country are extremely unhappy that this ‘conservative’ government whipped through the “Gay Marriage Act”, but we’ve learned since that there is a EU Directive coming out which will demand this law be instituted for all Europe.
        The French aren’t liking it at all – and good luck with that in Poland or Ireland. But of course our bureaucrats are famous for following every EU diktat to the letter.
        That’s why we want out.

        1. stage9  For the sake of your glorious country, I hope you never catch up with all our insanities. 
          Instead, I hope you watch aghast at what an unaccountable, uncontrollable bureaucracy is doing to stamp out very vestige of democratic government in Europe. Watch it as a dire prophecy of what will come if BHO is not stopped, if the progs aren’t stopped in 2014 and 2016.
          At least we here in the UK have a chance to fight back, thanks to the increasing appeal UKIP has for voters of all parties and especially to those who haven’t voted in the previous elections, in spite of the increasing smears from the ‘normal’ politicians and especially the MSM.

    2. colliemum
      “Ask someone in that LGBT community why they do not campaign for the
      homosexuals being killed in islamic countries, and why they do not
      attack muslims for the far more vile and violent suras in their quran,
      calling for homosexuals to be killed. You won’t get any answer – i leave it to you to puzzle out why that is!”
      Ask the ‘Women’s Liberalizationists’ why they aren’t fighting for the rights of women under Islam?
      I’ll tell you why. Because this all has NOTHING to do with ‘liberation’ and EVERYTHING to do with the degradation  of Christianity, that’s why.

    1. 335blues They put up a picture online and say it’s a publication. Who’s to question it…not the press.

  9. Same sex or multiple couples will never be married in God’s eyes no matter what the SCOTUS and Episcopal gay cult do.

  10. Disgusting is how I describe your judgement. We all fear that which we don’t understand and this for sure you all do NOT understand. 
    As a group of Christians, you abhor this imagery for a simple act of kissing and you have a fiery tongue for those who are different from you. It saddens me deeply because the person i love most in life is of my same sex. You say that this will teach or influence your kids or turn them?! Please learn this now, that homosexuality is NOT TAUGHT. It is not a choice…though choosing to do whatever you please is up to you, but why would you kiss the same sex if you’re not attracted to them? Your children will only learn that there are different people in this world. It is not different than if a hetero couple were kissing…I would find it pushed upon lookers to have any sensual imagery, gay or straight.
    I hope that DOMA fails and that love prevails so that people like yourselves can love one another despite another persons faults. WWJD. He definitely wouldn’t bash and harshly preach. I’m ashamed of your blog.

    1. Not fear, revulsion.   
      Why should anyone approve lifestyles and activities that result in 44+ times the incidence of HIV and all other STDs, increased risk of cancer, infections, injuries…increased incidence of violence, mental illness, suicide and early death?

    2. jedidiavolo No, we abhor this because it is vile. EDUCATE YOURSELF!

      What same-sex “marriage’ has done to Massachusetts
      Polygamy is “next logical step”, says Dutch same-sex campaigner</b>http://www.christianconcern.com/our-concerns/family/polygamy-is-next-logical-step-says-dutch-same-sex-marriage-campaigner
      Traditional Marriage Still the Best for Children
      How different are the adult children of parents who have same-sex relationships? Findings from the New Family Structures Study
      Comparing the Lifestyles of Homosexual Couples to Married Couples
      The Case Against Same Sex Marriage
      There’s simply NO comparison to be made. The data is OVERWHELMINGLY against SSM!
      To put it in perspective, only 26% of homosexuals believe that faithfulness should be a part of marriage. 
      Now, if only +/- 1.7%* of the population is homosexual, and only 26% of THOSE believe in monogamy, then that means that only .442% believe that they should remain faithful to their “spouse”! That means that 74% of homosexuals believe that they should have an “open relationship”! 
      And then you want to give .442% of the population “equality” with marriage???? or be allowed to change the very definition of it for the rest of civilization????
      That’s not just stupid; that’s insane!

      1. stage9 jedidiavolo 
        Thank you for the truth of this catastrophe. Excellent resource for those few who want the truth.     However, all the facts in the world will not make a difference, really,  in the final outcome.  Nations rise and nations fall; empires come and go.  Western Europe and the USA won’t escape societal suicide.   “For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections…”Paul’s Letter to the Church in Rome.  “For the wrath of God is revealed against all ungodliness and unrighteousness…” Paul stated the truth and he paid dearly for it.  So will we.

    3. jedidiavolo WWJD?
      Jesus would call OUT SIN! He would not CONTRADICT HIMSELF. The woman caught in adultery, he pardoned with the caveat that she would GO AND SIN NO MORE!

    4. jedidiavolo Homosexuality is not LOVE, it is LUST! The entire lifestyle characterizes itself by SEX, not LOVE!

      1. stage9 This is where you are ABSOLUTELY wrong on all counts! You cannot feel nor understand the feelings of others!!!!!! period. You don’t know how I feel! You don’t know what others feel. All carnal feelings and desires aside, any human being is capable of LOVING another. Don’t tell me this nor deny me this truth, because I have seen it for myself. Overall, in the end, this is God’s judgement not yours.

        1. jedidiavolo stage9 If you understood God’s judgment, then you would not even question the validity of homosexuality being an abomination in the sight of a Just and Holy God. He calls it an abomination: here is the definition:
          a·bom·i·na·tion noun 1. anything http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/abominable; anything greatly disliked or abhorred. 2. intense aversion or loathing; detestation: He regarded lying with abomination. 3. a vile, shameful, or detestable action, condition, habit, etc
          Try and learn WHY God calls it such.

    5. jedidiavolo Then go away.I don’t think anybody here really cares.Get psychiatric help.

    6. jedidiavolo You are ashamed of the Truth. Then for you to be ashamed of this blog, I know I am in the right place. Thank you for the confirmation.
      If you could look past the current tides, get into the Word of God and understand the times, you will stand a chance of understanding and perhaps escape.

    7. jedidiavolo 
       Please learn this now, that homosexuality is NOT TAUGHT. It is not a choice…though choosing to do whatever you please is up to you, but why would you kiss the same sex if you’re not attracted to them? 
      Until you can produce a (human) Gene that determines that you are programmed before birth to be something other than what you are born as biologically, Homosexuality is learned, not inherited.
      I could go into this in much more depth with regard to parental dominance and recessive factors and the image influence on children but I’m sure it would be rather pointless within this context.

    8. jedidiavolo Jesus wasn’t a free loving Hippee
      Jesus never condoned the homosexual lifestyle or any sin for that matter. Jesus doesn’t support gay marriage! Read your Bible

    9. jedidiavolo homosexuality is an abomination to God! Nothing and no opinion of anyone changes that

    1. KaeKoala And as a non-thinking liberal who has no argument, censorship is the only defense you have.

      1. KaeKoala stage9 LUST is NOT LOVE ! Go and learn the difference before you post your ignorance to the world!
        I understand perfectly. It is you who is distorting what God has called LOVE for something God has called LUST!

    2. KaeKoala I’ll go ahead and stoop to your level and lack of intelligence and say, if we’re “ew”, you’re ICKY.

    1. bzimmerman elaguardia86 “This is the message we have heard from him and declare to you: God is light; in him there is no darkness at all (perfectly pure, without any admixture of sin). If we claim to have fellowship with him and yet walk in the darkness (in sin), we lie and do not live out the truth.” — 1 John 1:5-6
      “Everyone who sins (practices sin) breaks the law; in fact, sin is lawlessness.” 1 John 3:4

  11. It saddens me that site is full of hateful people who claim to love Christ and their fellow man but by their words, attitudes, and actions show that they do not. It’s one thing to call homosexuality a sin and to say you are against it…it is another thing entirely to use words/phrases like pornography, disgusting, sick, lost appetite, throwing up, depraved, etc.
    I have one simple question: since we all sin, is it not then true that all of our sins are disgusting in the eyes of God? My sins and your sins are just as disgusting to God as two gay people kissing right? So why don’t you call your sins disgusting too? 
    “You brood of vipers!” You on here are as bad as the hypocritical Pharisees and Jesus rebuked them constantly. You on here are as bad as the crowd that wanted to stone the adulteress because of her sin, but couldn’t face their own sin when Jesus confronted them with it…but honestly, why am I arguing logic and truth? When Jesus used logic and truth the Pharisees dismissed him…so if logic and truth didn’t help the Son of God it certainly won’t help here, unfortunately.
    Titus 1:16

    1. elaguardia86 Sin is sin, but are all sins equal? Homosexuality, fornication, adultery, are all sins… but which one does He call an abomination?

    2. elaguardia86 If sin doesn’t sicken you then you’re entirely too friendly with it.
      “One reason sin flourishes is that it is treated like a cream puff instead of a rattlesnake.” — Billy Sunday

    3. elaguardia86 Yes we all have sin and they are between me and my God, not the public. We don’t go around flaunting/promoting it and trying to normalize our sins. It saddens me the way the homosexual community and media shove their sins down our throats. I’m sick of the Gay Pride parades (have you ever seen an Adultery Pride parade?) where they run around half nude, all nude, and perform homosexual activities in public (SanFran). Why such a need to promote your sins?
      Lastly, I find it hateful the way the “tolerant” liberals demonize Christians for believing in God’ definition of marriage.

      1. Don’t start on “tolerance” DC. Tolerance is a stick used to beat people who disagree with you into submission.

    4. elaguardia86 OK then, I’ll just call it what God calls it, “An ABOMONATION! There, is that better?
      They are not “gay”, they are homosexual.
      Should we be just as easy on our words concerning abortion? Do we dare call that murder of the innocent, murder of the helpless, murder of the baby created in God’s Image? Do tell, please.

  12. “Why, my soul, are you downcast? Why so disturbed within me? Put your hope in God, for I will yet praise him, my Savior and my God.” Ps. 43:5 NIV
    Guys, I EXPECT Time to declare victory, but why are you all so quick to agree? Stand up! Take up your courage! Why so downcast? Don’t you know that the majority of Americans do not think this is OK? Don’t you know that Time Magazine is the filth of the earth and is appealing to the bottom rung of society? Why so quick to hand over victory when we have not yet begun to fight?
    What Conservatives need more than anything else right now is a leader. Someone to remind us of our strength and remind us of our courage. Don’t give up! Resist!

    1. steprock If the Church, especially the African American church, would rise up and unify, this would be killed immediately, but the Church is silent. As history reminds us, for whatever reason, people usually don’t mobilize until it’s too late. I don’t know why. Maybe they’re afraid of rocking the boat, or of putting their reputations on the line.
      But the other aspect of this is that the Church by-and-large doesn’t pray anymore either, so its passion is gone. It’s purpose is gone. If the Church would pray, it would have all of heaven behind it, but it doesn’t. It’s unmotivated.
      How many times has the Church quote 2 Chronicles 7: 13-14 : “When I shut up the heavens so that there is no rain, or command locusts to devour the land or send a plague among my people,  if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”
      In other words there’s a promise WAITING TO BE HAD, but there are certain criteria that need to be met first. God’s people — repenting, praying and turning. This is heart of revival.
      I have been warning about this for years, and I STILL get Christian friends and family and pastors who essentially just ignore it. They simply do not care. And THAT disturbs me far more than counterfeit marriage.

      1. stage9 steprock Excellent analysis. I agree with evey word but especially the last paragraph. A majority of Christians have just sat watched all things happen and still I guess its not important too them.

      2. stage9 steprock This country IS really over if this disgusting insult to religion and the sacred ceremony of marriage becomes “legal”

      3. stage9 steprock
        For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God: and if it first begin at us, what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel of God? 1 Peter 4:17  When the Church is silent or even in some cases agrees with legalizing wickedness we know we’re living in perilous times.

    2. steprock  
      As I said to my friend yesterday who said to me that ‘times change’ so we must also change.
      I responded to his ‘quick to agree’ comment with don’t give up without a fight, don’t let the language police have their way with control of the language to control the conversation.
      – – – – – – – – – –

      Fight back… word for word.
      Fight back… thought for thought.
      Fight back… sentence for sentence.
      Fight back… article for article.
      Fight back… we’re right, they’re wrong.

  13. In your face!  I’m sick of them throwing this nastiness in my face.  Everyone going through the grocery check out has to see this stuff.  I think I’d return my groceries, and tell the cashier I lost my appetite.

    1. I was thinking about what you said, temi (See, your words have an impact on people!)
      “In your face” is what this is about, exactly. It’s not just showing a loving couple holding hands or something. No, you have to look at them making out! It’s intentionally inflammatory! The only kinds of magazines that show people all over each other are trying to be erotic. This has no place on a legitimate news magazine’s cover, no matter is it’s homosexuals or not. Most people consider it to be over the line.

      1. steprock But why do they do that? Why do they show a couple holding hands in a suit and tie or a gown? Because if you were to show THIS:

        Transgender pride on parade: Public celebration by very disturbed people. Gruesome display of body mutilations.
        “Youth Pride” parade: Getting kids to act out homosexuality in public
        http://www.massresistance.org/docs/gen/09b/youth_pride/parade.htmlMassachusetts Governor degrades self and insults state, marching in depraved homosexual parade.
        Republican State Sen. Richard Ross (Scott Brown’s replacement in the Mass. Senate) marches in Boston Gay Pride Parade
        the entire country would revolt against them!

        1. Sooo not looking at your links! Yeah, it’s a matter of pushing further and I think this kind of thing will result in a backlash.The homosexuals have been smart to place themselves on TV shows like “Modern Family” in a very normal setting. To push this unnatural behavior in people’s faces like that is going to turn people off. Those who practice unnatural and ungodly behavior are flaunting it.

        2. steprock Yeah, I don’t blame you. It’s posted more for the “lurkers” than anything else.

    1. Not mine! We are proud “unsocialized” home schoolers. If this is normal social behavior, you can keep it.

  14. Unfortunately, I’m afraid they are probably right. The true nature of this lifestyle will not be realized until AFTER it has been forced upon society and it begins to affect the average person’s kids. Because after marriage comes the schools and indoctrination. And if you dare confront the school, you run the risk of being arrested:
    Lexington, Mass., father of 6-year-old arrested, spends night in jail over objections to homosexual curriculum in son’s kindergarten class.
    In 2006 the Parkers and Wirthlins filed a http://www.massresistance.org/docs/parker_lawsuit/filing_2006/press_conf_042705.html to force the schools to notify parents and allow them to opt-out their elementary-school children when homosexual-related subjects were taught.  The federal judges dismissed the case. The judges ruled that because same-sex marriage is legal in Massachusetts, the http://www.massresistance.org/docs/parker_lawsuit/motion_to_dismiss_2007/order_to_dismiss.html and that schools have no obligation to notify parents or let them opt-out their children! Acceptance of homosexuality had become a matter of good citizenship!

  15. This gay marriage issue has taken up more time on the news this week than anything else. Is it any wonder why folks are just tuning off to the media in general? If there is any example out there that there are elites that are disassociated from the affairs of the commoner, here it is.

  16. It has already been won. They’re right. Unfortunately. Actually they didn’t win anything. They stole it. Total biased lying press coverage and demonetization of anyone disagrees. Liberals can never fight fair.

    1. ryanomaniac Which is why only violence will bring this country back to its founding.  Sorry folks.  They have a monopoly on propaganda, Conservatives are pretty damn good at defending liberty.

  17. Makes me want to barf. Soon you’ll be seeing one man kissing two women or an old man kissing a young boy. Don’t think it can ever happen? Twenty years ago, who would have thought that gay marriage was even an option, let alone a reality in some states? Human nature is naturally corrupt and always needs feeding. Depravety like this won’t end with gay marriage. Then there will be polygamy and then marriage between older people and minors. All they need is a few judges to agree with them and the current laws against these depraveties will vanish. I don’t really llike this brave new world of ours.

    1. Libertyship46 No doubt!  Look at the disgusting group NAMBLA.  These perverts ought to be in prison, but they’re seen as a legit group these days and soon they will be represented in courts for the right to marry little boys.  OH gag me. it’s sick!! and EVIL!!

      1. AmericanborninCanada Libertyship46 Isn’t NAMBLA connected with LGBT? They may try to distance themselves from them but to do so would be to admit certain types of sex are wrong.

    2. Libertyship46 That’s HOMOSEXUAL marriage. Let’s fight back as ajtelles as written here on this thread. We can do that, in part, by taking back the language! 🙂

      1. YES, like DO-NOT-EVER use the new term “marriage equality” The Libs get to control words because they control those who buy ink by the barrel: The Media.
        I’m working to strike the PC term “pro choice” from my vocabulary. It’s about controlling words to control meaning. If a society doesn’t have a word for something (like many Japanese words don’t translate) it’s because they don’t understand the concept.

    1. sDee 
      Well, before that it will probably be the bi sexuals getting their depraved, un Godly way.

      1. badbadlibs sDee Poor bisexuals depravity misses out on the identity crisis after all they look homosexual or straight.

  18. Well the left is in full court press mode with their issue de jour. One can admire their effectiveness at media saturation while recognizing the evil motives behind most of what they do.
    It is a good thing we have the new media as a counterpoint. I look forward to the new conservative broadcast station being up and running in the near future.

  19. Control…
     To control the language is to control the conversation.
    In the 1980s I had a friend who went through the legal process to change her birth name from Gay to Nicole.
    She said that she did not like the new meaning of ‘gay.’
    Her point was that the word ‘gay’ was abducted by the homosexual activists and given a meaning much different from the historical meaning of ‘gay’ and all the good it stood for.
    So, what do we do about controlling the language to control the conversation?
    Fight back.

    Since my friend Gay told me she changed her name to Nicole, what I do EVERY time I hear someone say ‘gay’ is to IMMEDIATELY say ‘homosexual… take back the language.’
    I said that yesterday in a conversation with a friend about the current Supreme Court proceedings.

    When people ask me what I have against ‘gay’ as a reference to homosexuality, I ask them, in a friendly way of course, since they are my friends I’m talking with, what do they have against ‘homosexual’ as a reference to homosexuality instead of ‘gay?’
    That is what I mean with ‘to control the language is to control the conversation.’
    Pass it on… ‘take back the language.’


    1. ajtelles I’ve been making it a point to not use the word “gay” anymore either.  It’s one of the words that has been abducted. Whenever I read older books and see the words gay, queer and fag- well, not many people know what those words mean anymore. sigh.

      1. AmericanborninCanada ajtelles  
        Yes, words mean things… until they don’t.
        It is not good manners to use the ‘n’ word in public, or on forum threads, or to call someone a ‘queer’ or a ‘fag,’ even though it is still appropriate to make a reference to the meaning of ‘queer’ or ‘fag’ as identifiers, in person and on forum threads.

        Biblically, ‘queer’ was a reference to unique.
        Historically, ‘fag’ was a reference to a burning fire or to a cigarette.
        Historically, ‘gay’ was a reference to being care free, happy, joyful, etc.
        Historically, ‘gay’ will again NOT BE a reference to being homosexual… if common sense prevails and we take control of the language to control the conversation.

        As with ‘lesbian,’ from the Greek island of Lesbos in the Aegean Sea, being a reference to females being homosexual, maybe the male homosexual activist community can abduct the word  ‘bay’, from San Francisco Bay, with a kissin’ kin word of ‘sfed’ for San Franciscoed, or even start using ‘homo’ again.
        Why do the male homosexual activists not like the word ‘homo’ as ‘their’ word, instead of ‘gay?’
        Heterosexuals like the word ‘hetero’ but the homosexuals do not like the word ‘homo.’
        Could it be that ‘to control the language is to control the conversation’ is their method of control?


        1. ajtelles AmericanborninCanada 
          Interestingly enough, in schools in the UK, amongst kids, saying something is ‘gay’ is actually derogatory now: ‘that was so gay’ means it was rubbish.
          Of course, the BBC and the ‘great and good’ declared that that use was ‘homophobic’ … but try and tell kids they can’t use an expression!

    2. ajtelles I’ve been saying the same thing OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER, Thank you for saying it too!
      We allowed the baby to become a blob of a fetus and now human life is nothing more then a science experiment.

      1. badbadlibs ajtelles  
        Dittos to OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER…
        As I wrote in the previous comment…
        Pass it on… control the language to control the conversation.
        We’re right, they’re wrong.

        1. ajtelles badbadlibs 
          I could have said that in a better way, sorry. I read where Dr. Benard Nathanson (founder of NARAL then turned prolife) talked about how they deliberately chose the word “fetus” very carefully and how they knew this would be a war of words, so since then I have never used the term “pro choice” and figured out quickly that “gay” was another word coo. I’m so glad to see others realizing what the left has done and would continue, if we let them! 😉

      1. Laurel A ajtelles  
        Yes, sodomy and ‘sodomite’ are biblical words that are still accurate and meaningful today, as identifiers. 
        The word ‘sodomy’ is the ‘dirty word’ identifier that preceeded the nicer sounding word  ‘homo’ for homosexuality that preceeded the much better sounding word ‘gay.’
        In the proper context during conversation, it seems that today sodomy and ‘sodomity’ are still OK to say… until they are prohibited in the future by the ‘1984’ style thought police, aka the ‘Agenda 21’ thought control speech police.


    1. Remember when Sydney Harman bought Newsweek for $1.  Looks like Time magazine may be following that rag in the near future. If you appreciate the truth why would you even recognize Time magazine’s existence?

    2. AmericanborninCanada  
      Hi ABinC…
      I peeked… it didn’t look vulgar or too yucky… just regular yucky… ’cause NO tongue was showing.

    3. AmericanborninCanada You know what the irony is?

      Time Magazine was founded by a conservative. He was the husband to Claire Booth Luce.

  20. If even liberal California (where I live) can vote to uphold traditional marriage, then clearly the gay marriage issue is not ‘already won’ as Time claims. What a slanted statement – clear bias. And note some other heading about Obama up top, big surprise? Or not.

    1. MMoo Thank you. Your observation is correct and I hope people keep making it over and over as they campaign for the traditional meaning.

  21. Gay ‘marriage’ has been accepted in America, that is why 50 million Americans have voted to define marriage as between a man and a woman. *sarcasm* Whoever wrote the column is deluding themselves

      1. therightscoop glitterx0x0 That is if SCOTUS upholds Prop 8. Even if they dismiss it that would mean the 9th circuit courts ruling will stand and make Prop 8 invalid

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