‘Time to ease him out’: Rand Paul says media making darn sure Biden knows he WON’T be allowed to run again

Biden is pretty annoyed by this whole documents thing, said Laura Ingraham last night. Not just at being caught or having to answer for it, but by the fact that he wasn’t treated as special and different by the system.

Of course, he WAS treated differently and continues to be, but from his perspective, and for anyone who knows how the DOJ/FBI etc normally handle Democrat office holders, it’s plain that he’s being given more latitude than a Republican but less than he would have expected. By a lot.

One possible reason is that they’ve decided to make sure he doesn’t try to run again. Which makes sense to me. Laura asked Sen. Rand Paul about the theory and he was pretty plain.

It’s not just the system in D.C., it’s the Democrat-MSM complex that is giving Biden the boot.

“I think if you watch the news cycle, there’s a startling difference in the last week or two, particularly over the classified documents and perhaps over some of the corruption charges with Hunter Biden. They’ve been steadfast in ignoring this, you know, for years and really not reporting on it at all,” said Paul.

“I think the fact that they’re reporting on it now, if I had to guess, if we were in the board room of some of these left-wing media outlets, what we’d be hearing is: it’s time to sort of ease him out, make sure that he knows that he can’t run again, in case he’s rumbling that he might run again,” he said. “I think most of us have suspected that he wouldn’t run again. But I think the Democrats and those in charge of the Democrat wing of the press, I think they want to make sure that he’s pushed enough that he knows he can’t run again so they can start looking for a new candidate.”

That’s exactly right if you ask me. They’re making it clear. GET OUT.

They want someone even worse.


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