TIME TO LEAVE: Seattle moves to defund the Seattle Police and create new civilian-led dept to take their place!

The radical leftist city of Seattle is moving forward with plans to defund the Seattle Police Department (SPD) and create a new civilian-led “safety and violence prevention department” that will take over responsibilities stripped from the SPD by the city.

Chris Rufo explains below:

What the screenshots quote from the City Council of Seattle:

A resolution related to policing and public safety establishing the council’s intent to create a civilian led department of community safety & violence prevention; identifying actions in 2020 to remove certain functions from Seattle Police Department and provide funding for a community led process to inform the structure and function of a new department of community safety & violence prevention…

Screenshot 2:

The resolution:

  1. Set goals of creating a new-civilian led department to guide to public safety.
  2. Identifies functions currently located within the Seattle Police Department that are more appropriately housed in other City agencies.
  3. State the council’s intent to fund community-led activities to accompany defunding of the Police department.

Screenshot 3:

Council and Mayor: Introduce, consider, and act on proposed legislation creating a new Department of Community Safety & Violence Prevention

Rufo continues…

In other words, they are going to send unarmed socials workers and mental health professionals (and tow truck drivers) out to deal with issues the police department would normally handle. And eventually it will probably lead to the abolition of the entire police department, as Rufo suggests above.

As Rufo points out, this will lead to the “immediate collapse of public order”:

If Seattle is allowed to move forward with these horrible leftists policies, then expect the city to be abandoned by both big and small businesses in the next decade, just like Detroit.

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