UPDATE: I screwed up. The USA Today article is from 2006. I failed to check the date when I saw Breitbart using it for an article today. My apologies. I will be more careful in the future.


It’s as we suspected that it isn’t just Verizon that’s the target of the NSA, but AT&T and Bellsouth as well. But also note that people with knowledge of the program told USA Today that the goal is to create a database of every call ever made within the nations borders. Now if that doesn’t completely outrage people, as it should, then I don’t know what will. After all, Bush’s program only targeted phone calls going overseas to terrorist-ish countries and the left went bonkers over it. Obama’s program targets EVERYTHING:

USA TODAY – The National Security Agency has been secretly collecting the phone call records of tens of millions of Americans, using data provided by AT&T, Verizon and BellSouth, people with direct knowledge of the arrangement told USA TODAY.

The NSA program reaches into homes and businesses across the nation by amassing information about the calls of ordinary Americans — most of whom aren’t suspected of any crime. This program does not involve the NSA listening to or recording conversations. But the spy agency is using the data to analyze calling patterns in an effort to detect terrorist activity, sources said in separate interviews.

“It’s the largest database ever assembled in the world,” said one person, who, like the others who agreed to talk about the NSA’s activities, declined to be identified by name or affiliation. The agency’s goal is “to create a database of every call ever made” within the nation’s borders, this person added.


(h/t: Breitbart)

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