‘To me, they’re not even people’ – Eric Trump says critics aren’t human

Eric Trump is so fed up with the vile insults by the left that he says that he doesn’t even consider them to be human anymore.

Watch below:

Yeah, that’s a bad choice of words, I think. You never want to dehumanize people – that gives you the excuse to do some pretty terrible things to them. I could see why you’d say this of terrorists or murderers, but not somebody who sends insults on Twitter.

Here he says that Saudi Arabia showed Trump respect they wouldn’t show Obama. Well yeah they’ll show anyone respect if they get $400 billion worth of arms to attack Iran with! LOL!

Here he is literally saying we need “principles” and “respect” and civility. I mean. C’mon. You’re playing the saintly victim here when Trump was the biggest cause of the loss of respect and civility in politics in recent history?

Sorry. I really try to be fair to people but Trump just ignores the obvious obvious problems with the persecution complex he’s pushing, and Hannity isn’t going to correct him ever.

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