Tofu Types Talking Turkey Tax To Teach You A Climate Change Lesson

Via Drudge, CBS News reports on the potential, and apparent positive reception for, a tax on Turkey over its “connection” to climate change.

Livestock is a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, adding about the same amount of emissions as that of all the world’s vehicles, according to a new report from the U.K. policy institute Chatham House. But many consumers aren’t aware of the link between their dinner plates and climate change, the report notes.

At the same time, meat consumption is forecast to increase by 76 percent over the next several decades, thanks to rising incomes in developing countries that will boost demand for animal protein. Taking some policy steps — such as a meat tax — to make animal protein less appealing would help curtail demand and lower the impact on the environment, the researchers recommended. But wouldn’t that backfire, given how much people love their burgers?

Not so, according to surveys carried out by Chatham House researchers, who found that consumers in countries including the U.S. and Brazil were more receptive to the idea than one might suspect.

Respondents thought that a backlash against a meat tax “would be short-lived, particularly if people understood the policy rationale,” the report notes.

Short-lived? I don’t think they’ve met us.

The idea of taxing meat because of greenhouse emissions of the industry being well-received is preposterous. Americans are not going to go softly into that veggie night. And that doesn’t even address the effrontery of a tax as a behavioral modification.

Froggatt said he’s hopeful that consumers can change their diets, given the success policy makers have had with encouraging consumers to cut back on tobacco and sugar-sweetened drinks.

“If you look back at the 60s and the issues about smoking, there was an image change that was necessary,” he said. “Food and meat is challenging from a cultural perspective, but cultural attitudes change over time.”

They lump it in with the soda bans and sugar and salt laws as if that is some kind of positive association. They consider those to be good and successful things.

America, the nannies are right here making their plans known. Each day the liberal left in America abandons more and more of the idea of freedom and liberty in their psychopathic, single-minded, and inevitably doomed attempt to usher in their ‘fundamental transformation” of America the One promised them. They want to create a utopia in their own image. We must fight them at every step, large and small.

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